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  1. Thanks for all suggestion i took note of everything said. I Check in Settlers 6 and i got some reference. I think we can start developing the all products that will be consumed together with the basic resources by our citizens. Here the table i created: 4 Basic resources: food wood stone metal with the food divided in 7 subcategories : milk herbs oil meat grain fruit wool ( is not food but we insert here for simplicity) Form these resources each Producer would be able to process them and create one of the following 20 products depending of its speciality: Food bread cheese sausage soup beer cake Cleaning soap broom parfume Clothes woolen clothes leather clothes shoes Decorations banners indoor Decorations outdoor Decorations jewellery Military swords shield bows machine engine Here you can see what each product require to be processed: In addition to the products there are also three services: Entertainment (artist, circus) Transportation(city delivery, intercity trade, interciv trade) Building (builders, the onlyone allowed to build) Unless products, services cannot be stoked by the consumer, but has to be pay in the moment
  2. @Rolf Dew Thanks, very interesting, i think my concept is quite similar to settlers, but i admit i didn t knew this game, i will defenetley look in it more deep. You can also give me already your opinion on which features you think would be cool have in this mod, that are already in settlers:)
  3. Small Update...to keep easier for the player to track many units happiness i added also the happiness icon on top of each one, it will appear just if the unit is selected or the mouse hover it. In addition i will add a separate economy panel where the player can see all major stats for all entities of the economy, including total average happiness level.
  4. I was planning to have both manual and auto, all auto in default but with the chance for the player to enter manual modality from the consume panel. This give more interactivity and fun!
  5. i also added the stock bar for each product consumed and i linked the happiness level proportional to the consumer status...in this case is quite angry less product stocked means less money to buy it and/or not enough availability, one main challenge for the player would be to keep prices reasonable and enough supply for all population .
  6. Just added the icons would great if someone could help me to create a complete list of all products exchange in ancient times with historical attention for each civ. If someone is available please let me know and i can give further details
  7. Here a small update...this is the implementation with the code of the consumer panel... is taking shape now the right panel is divided in command consume produce and build....still not icons for the products, i will insert later
  8. And here is the Production Panel. he Production Panel will have the duty to : 1) Show the Product in Production, this will appear in 0AD style as a icon on top of the panel with a green layer showing the percent of progress 2) Show the Product produced and stoked by the entity with icon, name, quantity and urgency. These will be the product ready to be sell. Also from here , if you are in Manual modality you can select the product to produce by clicking on the prod icon ( first image ) 3) Show the raw material the entity can stock to produce its products, like before need to be show icon, name, quantity and urgency. ( second Image ) 4) let the User decide if want to handle the entity economic activity Manually or with Ai and maybe in the future other settings. ( third image) please let me know if you feel is intuitive or what to improve.
  9. I also start visualizing the GUI ( Graphic User Interface ) to handle all Economy Activity, i start with the Consumer Panel: The Consumer Panel will have the duty to 1) show the Entity Happiness, 2) let the User decide if want to handle the entity economic activity Manually or with Ai, 3) track the products the entity carry showing icon, name, quantity, urgency and daily consume. — Consumer Panel — 1) Happiness Rating 2) Command Buttons a) Ai Consuming Manager b) Manual Consuming Manager 3)Product Stoked a) Icon b) Name c)Quantity d) Urgency Color e) Daily Consume Below you can see a prototype done in Photoshop, please let me know if you feel is intuitive or what to improve.
  10. Hi everyone, i tried to put all the things we say in all Diagrams posted before in one single Economy Model Representation, so i give everyone a simpler and unified view of the Model, is just miss the products produced by each entity, so where you read produce, there will be in the future the list of products produced. Please let me know your feedback Ps. The second file is a PDF to see the model in High Resolution Economy System (2).pdf
  11. If the Diagram above describe the Taxation to define how the wealth i divided in the Economy System , the Entity Power Diagram define instead the division of power. We describe Power as a Selection Capability of Slaves when we give order. I try to clarify: In 0 A.d we are used to select as a Player whatever entity we want and just pass an order to them. In this Economy Simulation instead if we select one Slave or one Farmer ( it doesn't affect Military Unit that i will leave the way they are or any other Economic Entity outside Slaves and Farmers) our selection capability is filter by ownership. Let s see the picture below and i will make some example: 1) The first on the left is the King who has the power to select all Slaves and ordering them to build 1 Civ Center or to go gather unlimited resources. He cannot order anything else if not this. So far look quite similar in the way we used to, but there is actually one important difference. Instead to make the selection like we are normally used to with the mouse dragging a square and selecting all entities inside, now we need to select first the Economic Entity in charge ( king, sacerdote, landowner Noble et..) and after keep doing with the square selection or the doubleClick. Doing like this we make sure that a slave can just follow certain order of certain Economic Entity, based on the power subdivision. For example in this example every slave will be able to build for the king the Civ Center, but not other order. 2) Now take 5 th entity : Nobles Landowner. They can order just to the slave they own to build 1 Villa or 1 Grain Farm. This is important because the slaves they will just follow the orders of their owner, and other nobles entity will be not able to use them, they will need to buy new slaves from the civ center to expand their wealth. In this way we can create a division of ownership and roles so we push the player to create all different economic entities and for each type more than just one, like in this example we need more than a noble and more than a farm if he want to achieve better economi performance. Hope this was clear, sorry if wasn t , i will try simplify all once all economic system take shape.
  12. To give reason for nobles and hight rank official to exist ,be expensive to build and richer and more powerful than any other entities excluded the king, i create a Taxation System, where not just the king but also hight official in different degree take away a part of the money hardly earned by the other entities. Not nobles or official can tax all the population unless the king and the sacerdote. Of course the King tax heavier. The Sacerdote instead ask a offer for God. For example a Landowner Noble can tax 50% of all transactions of the farmer he own, a judge instead can fine anyone on the city up to 20% of his asset, a General iinstead can tax just merchant for the safety in trading route. This is a hypothetical Taxation Diagram, still using the same entities structure i used in the last two diagrams. The Tax ability are defined in clusters so to understand who can tax who.
  13. Regarding instead how to let the entities be created, before i was suggesting a family Component to make entity procreate each other, but actually is much simpler and straight forward to use dedicated Building to create them, that is actually the 0A.D way. Of corse not for free, but using Money Resource. Following the above diagram this could be a Entity Creation Diagram where Cost is the cost for unit and the Building is all building where that basic entity can be created. Once created each entity has to pass all upgrades if want to evolve to higher level and earn more money.
  14. ok this can be an updated version of Entity Upgrade Diagram where the social mobility is extremely rigid. Who born nobles can just upgrade in nobles function, same like farmers, artist, the only two classes can overlap are Merchant and Dealers. Slaves just don t upgrade!
  15. I want add a small idea to the discussion: achievable programmatically and that can overcome the rigid social mobility problem: i can code a Family Component, which give our Economic Entities the ability to procreate Entity of the same kind once condition are met, for example a King can just procreate Prince or princess, like farmer can just procreate farmer, insinde them kind they can upgrade in some level based on wealth achieved. In this way we have a rigid society but also upgradable Economic Entities and that can increase in number if the civ develope
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