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  1. I just recently play Rome Total War after a long time and its famous mod Europa Barbarorum and I suddenly understand many design decisions in 0 AD I previously thought just weird. So I have some questions: Formations: Are formations currently implemented (Alpha 16) final? Will there be formation direction/mapping (drag-right click) like in Total War (or EE)? 0 AD seems to favor formation compared to other RTS, but I think it will be a complete feature if you can actually map the formation and its direction.Charge, stamina, and morale: I understand there are run and walk animation but so far the only appearance of running animation is when a unit catching up his friends while in formation and naked fanatics (which seems to be in always running mode). There are also stamina bar beside the hitpoints bar but it is only appear in groups. Is it a planned feature? Also will there be morale system?Collaboration with EB2 team: I see that both of these projects have similar goal of historical authenticity. Some of the music from 0 AD can also be heard in EB2. Will there be any more collaboration between you two? The voicemods of EB can surely be used for 0 AD units, for exampleThank you.
  2. I love the minimum 12 year old disclaimer. Like there's going to be a kiddie version somewhere.
  3. For the time being I think the only way is to print it out and read it while playing Actually the no-snapping placement is not that bad. It's nice to have it precise. It's just that in some cases like in limited space you have to zoom in to be able to know if you can place a building while in tile system like in AoEII you can easily see from afar that a building can or cannot fit in a place. I'm thinking image placement in MS Word. When you place an image in a page it will be snapped according to line spacing but if you press Alt it will be smooth (although MS Word 2013 is the reverse).
  4. Some suggestions from me. Snapping on building placement: Sometimes I have to precisely find a perfect space for my field only to later realized that one of my houses is too close a little to my civic center that I couldn't possibly place a field between them. I prefer the hard snapping like in AoEII or in Empire Earth. The snapping in AoEIII is a bit more complex (smooth in large field but snap when you want to place a building next to existing buildings), but the old snapping will do.Detailed Formations tooltip: Why and when should I use phalanx or syntagma? What is battle line formation supposed to be? I can't find it anywhere.Civilization profiles in game session: Sometimes I play random or trying new unfamiliar civilization and I forgot what's their special powers. The history page could be accessed in Main Menu but there's no way to access it while playing. The emblem on middle-top is just a decoration with a tooltip of the civilization's name. How about making it clickable and when clicked it will show the history page?
  5. 1 female = 15s, 5 female = 15x5 = 75. 10 female = 15x10 = 150 1 batch (5 at once) = 55. 2 batch (10 at once) = 95. But I didn't calculate the exact amount of resources that could be collected, because with 5 consequent production, gathering could started even if 4 vills are still in production. With batch there is no gathering until the batch finished training.
  6. Solved! So I have cleaned it up with default cleanup setting but it doesn't work, so I cleaned it up again with all the options checked and suddenly it works. Thank you!
  7. Does that means I just have to copy the game folder and re-update the new one?
  8. The only weird thing in unit selection I think is that when you select multiple units the menu instantly grouped them by their classes and there is no way to select individual soldiers from the menu. Also the blurry lines between military and economic units. Otherwise the game is just fine, at least on unit selection department. Or I just played the game for too long I became accustomed with the clunkiness, I don't know.
  9. It has been a long time since I use TortoiseSVN, so probably there's something I did wrong. When I tried to play the game, it loads just fine with two warning message on debug. After selecting a match to play and the game loads, there are a bunch or error messages like: and then the game crashed. When I look at the game directory, indeed those files doesn't exists. Do I have the wrong setting of TortoiseSVN? Is there any way I can obtain the latest working copy? These are the logs files: logs.zip Thank you.
  10. I have some simple suggestions, I hope they could be put into consideration: Decreasing default popcap to 100. Since large army can cause lags, I think 100 popcap is more suitable for default experience instead of current default popcap (300). I know this will make the game less epic on high-end computers but I hope this could prevent new player from being discouraged because their first playing experience is lagging. AoE.II has default popcap set to 75 and still awesome as it is. Change 'Learn to play' to 'Help'. It's probably just me, but I expect a learning/tutorial campaign when I click 'Learn to play' button. I think it should be changed to just 'help' and put the button just above 'exit'. Integrate 'Language' menu in Options panel.Thank you
  11. If you hover over resource icons on top left of the screen in-game you will get tooltip that describe the icons (wood/food/metal or population). While this could be useful for total beginners, I think this kind of tooltip only used once and then I'm sure most players would never needed it again. Besides, every other tooltips in the game never use the resource names, but instead only its icons. I propose to put worker information on those tooltips. So instead of just 'Wood' it would be '5 citizens are gathering woods.' This will be very helpful so we could allocate them more efficiently based on this information. On more advanced example, if it's possible why not make a list? The same thing could be applied to Population icon too. This will be useful especially when the game have limited population caps. What do you think?
  12. I agree with many things you said. You take the words out of my mouth Shouldn't this be a good thing? It's more realistic. That's why you should always bring your scouts with any army. That being said, I need that 'jump to notification' hotkey so bad.
  13. Oh right. Speaking of mods, is there any resource here about modding tutorial? How to create new things, how to edit existing things, how to publish mod? I could probably experimenting with one
  14. Instead of invisibility I like spies in Red Alert more: they could disguised themselves as enemy units. Also in addition to outposts, war dogs and enemy spies could also detects spies. I wonder if guard tower should be able to detect them too since logically tower is too high to distinguish spy from friendly unit and besides what else is the reason to build outposts?
  15. Great video, Brynn! Here's my suggestions - I think it would be better to make the words appear dynamically (with transition animation and effects) instead of just appear and disappear like subtitles. Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp_GQx-qmYo I believe there is such feature in the video editing software of yours. Even Microsoft MovieMaker have this. -I hope there could be more units and buildings in the video. You know, to make them seems more 'epic' (I know the main focus is supposed to be the environment, but yeah). And make them more involved in the scene. Like a scout that discovering a new environment, or a group of soldiers crossing the river, etc Also, +1 to some fighting scenes. Put it in the last, while the words 'Fight across the ancient world' appears. -I see that you use mixed shots, panning and rotating alternately. Don't you think it would be better to make video transition smoother by using pan shots first, and then slowly using the rotate shots? Also make each shots getting shorter and each transition faster. To add tension, like in movie teasers. So in fight scenes, it would only flashes through several quick scenes, and then cut to title scene, the end. Well, I guess you are more experienced than me. -Did you know that the newest version in SVN has windy trees and special effects that makes textures more pronounced? It would be a great for videos!
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