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borg- vs Feldfeld 1v1


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I played my first game of the release against borg-. It's an 1v1 in mainland with chosen civs, borg- had seleucids, i took macedonians.

I tried a spear cav rush and borg- decided to boom making many spearmen to ensure my attacks won't do many damage. Even if i didn't kill many men, i still achieved to disrupt borg-'s food production which is the advantage of rushing with spear cav. These little harrassements then let the place to stronger engagements including many units, who decided the winner.



Note : The spearmen proved really polyvalent and such a strategy wouldn't have been possible with romans for example. If i do a balance mod i would probably start by buffing citizen soldier swordsmen.


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Thanks for uploading. Maybe playing another game against Rome would help to decide if swordsmen need buffing. I think they aren't supposed to counter spear cavalry, but neither do I think borg would play the same strategy replacing spearmen with swordsmen. Maybe it's not a coincidence Romans also have spear cavalry. :-)

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