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Lobby server downtime


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Dear players,

The multiplayer lobby server will be stopped tomorrow in order to perform a major update. The database migration is supposed to take several hours, during which all lobby rooms for all versions of the game will be unreachable.

Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC (see your local time) and will last at least until 12 AM. We hope no issues delaying the service restart will occur. I will keep you updated here.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience! And happy playing. :)

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Unfortunately the upgrade was unsuccessful (I got that by trying this on Friday 13th!) so we are back to the old server without any change. Sorry for the disruption...

The new server will work with A23 and later only, so we will roll it out in several months after everybody is up to date.

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14 hours ago, Fuzzernub said:

@Itms Im new to the game and my friends and I have been playing for the past couple of days nonstop. When do you expect the release of A23? 

Unfortunately, even for us, the answer to that is "when it is ready". We're really excited about revealing it, but excitement does not give extra time to work on it, alas... :)

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  • 3 months later...

We are ready to perform the upgrade of the lobby - may it be successful this time!

A few things you should know:

  • We are going to stop the lobbies for all versions of 0 A.D. prior to A23. This is the thing that failed last time: A22 was no longer compatible with the upgraded version of the lobby server. People connecting with older versions of 0 A.D. will see the room message telling them that they should upgrade, but there will be no bots allowing them to host and rate games.
  • This time there will be minimal downtime. Instead of shutting everything down during the user database migration, which takes a huge lot of time, we will keep the old lobby running. When we fire the new one up, all user accounts from after the start of the migration will have disappeared - so in order to minimize the inconvenience, registration of new user accounts is going to be disabled this evening (UTC / Europe times). I will post here when the registration is enabled again.
    • There will be a short downtime at the beginning (a few minutes) while we deactivate the registration;
    • and a slightly longer one when we are ready to launch the new server.

TL;DR The lobby will keep working as usual except for registrations, and versions of 0 A.D. older than A23 will be unsupported after the upgrade.

We will also have a surprise announcement when the upgrade is complete ;)
Happy playing.

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The lobby is now up and running on a brand new server. Registrations are open. It is now more robust against security issues, and it will be a good basis to improve it further.

Those improvements will be carried out by our new Lobby Administrator, @user1! He assisted me in the upgrade today, and it worked way better, so this is a very good news ;)

Happy playing, and don't hesitate to report issues here!

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