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Tactical/Resources map


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I get this idea to explore minimap more deeper and remember EE2 but someone else in AOE forums, says about this.

more detailed map with icon of resources like mineral or marvel or relics, obviusly needs be explored first.


which appeared back in age of mythology. For those who don't know what it is, it's an unfoldable, amplified minimap in which the buildings are not simply dots, but have an icon assigned depending on the kind of building it is. You unfolded and folded it by pressing tab on the keyboard.

He said this, but I prefer focus in things are hard to se in the map like resources, heroes, CC and wonders.



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Should not be hard at all when I look at the current XML code:


	<!-- Minimap -->
	<object size="8 8 100%-8 100%-8" type="minimap" z="20">
		<action on="WorldClick">handleMinimapEvent(arguments[0]);</action>
		size="4 4 100%-4 100%-4"

We could probably also allow different sizes of the (small) minimap in the config.

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