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(Ocelotlazohteotl)Design documents version 2


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Olmec :


Generic Name: Eagle Warrior

Specific name : Cuāuhpipiltin

Class: Spearman

Armament: lance ( 1.20 m) and a round wooden shield .

appearance :

Basic: A tunic that starts from the waist to the knees , will gold bracelets on his left forearm , almost all basic units will look like this at first.

Advanced: The robe will eagle feathers, have an ornate shield and leather armor .

Elite : hull of a Golden Eagle , a layer of feathers that will be joined to the arms for a few bangles, a shield decorated with feathers at the bottom .

History: cuāuhpipiltin (singular cuāuhpilli , "noble eagle " in classical Nahuatl) , also called warriors eagles were a special class of warriors in the Mexican military, which along with Guerrero jaguar or " ocēlōpipiltin " primarily composed warrior elites the old Aztec Empire.

Function: good woodsman and explorer

Generic Name : Hunter .

Specific Name: Tequihua

Weapons: A long bow

appearance :

Basic: cotton armor dyed black feathers on the shoulders .

Advanced: a similar to that of the eagle warriors robe , round wooden shield .

Elite : a helmet shaped head of a heron .

History :

Function : good hunter

Generic Name : Mesoamerican Swordsman .

Specific Name : Ocēlōpipiltin .

Armament: obsidian sword and round shield ornamented or a gold shield .

appearance :

Basic : a robe from the waist to the knees.

Advanced: layer jaguar skin , some gold bracelets on her right arm and one on his left forearm .

History :

Function: Anti- infantry

Elite : A jaguar shaped helmet , a round shield with feathers and a gold necklace .

Support Units :

Generic Name : Warrior Priest

Specific Name : tlatoani .

Class: Healer .

Appearance : white robes , she goes on a green color and another player .

Good Function fighting.

Generic Name : Meosoamerican Woman

Specific Name: Elemicquicihuatl

Function: cultivate better

Appearance : a robe from the waist to the knees , has a poncho.

Generic Name : Merchant .

Specific Name:

Appearance : wagon merchant like Aztec and Maya of AOE II

Generic Name : Canoe Merchant

Specific name :

Appearance : logs tied in a row, a kind of straw check hold and sticks

Generic Name : Canoe fishing

Specific Name:

appearance :

Naval Armada :

Generic Name : War Canoe

Specific Name:

Appearance : A kind of kayak (size 3 meters), has a sort of milky straw and sticks

Units Champions : They have

Units Civic Center :

Melee Infantry : Jaguar Warrior .

Infantry Long Range : Mesoamerican Archer.

Eagle Warrior: replaces the cavalry

Buildings :

weapon workshop: replaces the armory

Function: lumberyard

Cost: 200 stone and 20 wood

Lookout : similar to the outpost , is made of stone, has a weak attack (causes 1 damage )

Cost: 200 stone

Function: spy on the enemy

Circular Pyramid ( Wonder )

As normal pyramids of the continent, but made ​​from circles

What you think of my design document

Edited by Trinketos
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Man, how could I miss that?

Could you edit the post and highlight all units / items in bold that have been created/modeled already? Or a color code. Because I think you know best which you modeled.

I saw in the repository that you copied the water resource by MuteLovestone. That was not too good a decision but I'll try to remove it again. We can add a mod info file instead and the Mod launcher will recognize the dependency: water resource.

(the problem with copying all the many water resource files is that now we have each file twice and updating them to 0AD changes gets more and more difficult)

Am I right, that the sandpit is in Ocelotlazohteotl only and not in water resource?

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@Lion + Trinketos:

is there a reason why we copied the public/art/skeletons/. I couldn't find any difference and removed it from Ocelotlahteotl.

The same for ocelotlahteotl/art/particles/..

Or did you do something with that?

It's a bit difficult to figure out because there are some changes because 0AD/public evolved in the meantime. And it's hard to tell if now you or 0ad are responsible for the changes.

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That's what I do. I just use diff. It's still not easy because even if the encoding changes, or if the mod changes or something, then the files are interpreted as different.

And we talk about hundreds of files here.

And also as I said before the changes might have been in the public/ files and not by Lion or Trinketos. I don't know which public 0ad revision they used when they copied the files.

Nevertheless I somewhat am through it. I might not have found all redundancy but most of it.

Comitted it too. Found a typo in the process.

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Thanks, that's useful. I thought the same at first but it's not as small as I expected. It's made use of the water resource in several techs (10+ or such).

It's also added a sandpit for each civ I can't find anywhere else.

But yes, it was highly unlikely that they changed the shaders.

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Also don't use all the .xmb files.

We don't it, they only exist in the bundled/packaged version, i.e. Alpha releases.

btw. You can always start changing things locally without pulling changes of other people but git pull before git commit is really required or everyone of us always has to check out a lot of more things than necessary and the history is screwed up..

It happened to me too. It's easy to forget to first pull before committing but we should not (including me).

Also use "git status" to see if the files you want to commit are really added to the planned commit! This happens for example when you rename a file: then it is no longer staged to be committed. You have to add it back first.

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