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Found 1 result

  1. Olmec : infantry Generic Name: Eagle Warrior Specific name : Cuāuhpipiltin Class: Spearman Armament: lance ( 1.20 m) and a round wooden shield . appearance : Basic: A tunic that starts from the waist to the knees , will gold bracelets on his left forearm , almost all basic units will look like this at first. Advanced: The robe will eagle feathers, have an ornate shield and leather armor . Elite : hull of a Golden Eagle , a layer of feathers that will be joined to the arms for a few bangles, a shield decorated with feathers at the bottom . History: cuāuhpipiltin (singular cuāuhpilli , "noble eagle " in classical Nahuatl) , also called warriors eagles were a special class of warriors in the Mexican military, which along with Guerrero jaguar or " ocēlōpipiltin " primarily composed warrior elites the old Aztec Empire. Function: good woodsman and explorer Generic Name : Hunter . Specific Name: Tequihua Weapons: A long bow appearance : Basic: cotton armor dyed black feathers on the shoulders . Advanced: a similar to that of the eagle warriors robe , round wooden shield . Elite : a helmet shaped head of a heron . History : Function : good hunter Generic Name : Mesoamerican Swordsman . Specific Name : Ocēlōpipiltin . Armament: obsidian sword and round shield ornamented or a gold shield . appearance : Basic : a robe from the waist to the knees. Advanced: layer jaguar skin , some gold bracelets on her right arm and one on his left forearm . History : Function: Anti- infantry Elite : A jaguar shaped helmet , a round shield with feathers and a gold necklace . Support Units : Generic Name : Warrior Priest Specific Name : tlatoani . Class: Healer . Appearance : white robes , she goes on a green color and another player . Good Function fighting. Generic Name : Meosoamerican Woman Specific Name: Elemicquicihuatl Function: cultivate better Appearance : a robe from the waist to the knees , has a poncho. Generic Name : Merchant . Specific Name: Appearance : wagon merchant like Aztec and Maya of AOE II Generic Name : Canoe Merchant Specific name : Appearance : logs tied in a row, a kind of straw check hold and sticks Generic Name : Canoe fishing Specific Name: appearance : Naval Armada : Generic Name : War Canoe Specific Name: Appearance : A kind of kayak (size 3 meters), has a sort of milky straw and sticks Units Champions : They have Units Civic Center : Melee Infantry : Jaguar Warrior . Infantry Long Range : Mesoamerican Archer. Eagle Warrior: replaces the cavalry Buildings : weapon workshop: replaces the armory Function: lumberyard Cost: 200 stone and 20 wood Lookout : similar to the outpost , is made of stone, has a weak attack (causes 1 damage ) Cost: 200 stone Function: spy on the enemy Circular Pyramid ( Wonder ) As normal pyramids of the continent, but made ​​from circles What you think of my design document
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