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[Part II] Faction: The Japanese (Late)

Le Druide Gaulois

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You guys are right, I gues "my" Japanese (lol, how presumpitous) are better for part 2, this will allow us to explore the full potential of this faction. But in the meanwhile I'll be developing them, I'm just sad cuz I wanted to play with this civ in a not very far future :(

But maybe you could explore some differences with the 'part 1' Japanese (and thus in the meanwhile doing some research for part 1) as an upstart for us?

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Thanks, Ayakashi, I am very interested in soldiers of pre-Samurai Era, so to speak. I reverse searched the images and found a very valuable source for units for part 1 http://www.chinahistoryforum.com/topic/6465-ancient-japanese/page-5

Still wanted to know where those drawings are from.

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Don't worry, you are not alone. The 0ad council of all modders will help, at least for my part. Also we should note the different art iterations for the Japanese in the Roadmap topic where I'll then link this topic we currently write in.

The roadmap was designed to get newcomers started easier. Btw. we have plenty more 3D artists than stanislas, but true, he's the only real 2d 3d converter lol (though he's quite busy and we should rather push him to learn for his exams instead of modeling for us .. he can help after those exams, we have to settle our roadmap first anyways or we'll lose overview).

(incredible sketches once again, I see this civilisation come to life soon. And btw again: We separate each civilisation for the future anyway as it's way too complicated to split multiple civilizations from one folder into several, while we have the engine which does the opposite. Thus it's clear that we have to separate each civilization into its own repository and mod folder. Releases are the exception where we bundle it all.)

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The second floor we could add per tech research (via actor change on tech research or via prop addition on tech research).

Nice drawing, though I wonder if the upper floor windows are those sliding doors or windows?

Edit: And in this period we don't have straw roof anymore?

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I like the idea of adding a floor due to tech research. Yes, those are the sliding doors (windows are rare in traditional Japanese architecture), which actually work also similary to windows, since they allow clarity to pass. Hmm, straw roof... Actually straw roof have been used through all the periods, even for temples and palaces, but the fact it's a tile roof gives the building a more respectable and "official" aspect. It's best to use different kinds of coverings for buildings. See how they vary:


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Thanks, then the roof will be a prop. I've already two variants.

Will add the straw, will be the simplest of those. Thus most frequent.

If we want to give the user control of it, then we could make the roof upgradable (possible since Sander added 'Actor change on tech research' but somehow not yet used):


- straw roof (default),

Techs (dependency group I):

- basic tile roof.

- tile roof with convex shape,

- ornaments (adds ornaments to a building roof)

Techs (dependency group II):

- second floor

It will be possible to research the tile roof, then add the second floor and upgrade the roof again. It's all steered by an attachpoint: roof (called prop_roof in the model).

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Thanks for the offer, we can indeed need all help as we've no small plans.

For example we needed to know some possible japanese heroes for each of the major dynasties we model the complete set of buildings (or individual building blocks/parts) for.

Concepts or possible battles for each timeframe also are a possibility. You may open a new topic for each, e.g. Concepts or ideas for campaigns based on historical facts. There are plenty of things but sometimes it's difficult to figure what we really want. So don't give up and don't hurry, we are in no rush.

We needed generic and specific names too.

e.g. 'Elite barracks' as generic name and the most approriate specific name: 道場 / dōjō.

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Sure, I'll do my best ^_^

Ok, I saw that the timeframe of Millenium A.D. is from 476 A.D. till 968 A.D.

So it means that it comprises 4 periods of Japanese history:

古墳時代 : Kofun-jidai (approx. 300 -552) [A.D.]

飛鳥時代 : Asuka-jidai (552-710)

奈良時代 : Nara-jidai (710-794)

平安時代 : Heian-jidai (794-1192)

note: jidai, basically means era or period in japanese

Not sure If he can count as a hero, but the first person that pops into my mind from the Nara-Period would be "Shōtoku Taishi"


Before everything turns into choas: Let's use this topic for the late Medieval Japanese. I'll rename the topic accordingly and open a new one for the part 1 Japanese:

EDIT :After some talks with members of the forum, we decided that the Japanese described here are better suited for part 2. In fact, that's the period I was thinking about when I came up with this concept (roughly from the start of Muromachi Period to the first years of Edo Period).
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Thanks for organizing stuff, niektb, this topic was indeed getting too confuse. As for one of the heroes, I suggest Miyamoto Musashi.

He hadn't much historical importance, but there is not a Japanese that doesen't know about him. He was a masterless samurai that lived in the beggining of the Edo Period, whose bravery and abilities with the sword had no paragon at the time. He also was the inventor of Niten-ryū style, that employed two swords at fighting. Check out:


If anyone likes manga, the comic Vagabond is worth trying (based in the book "Musashi", by Eiji Yoshikawa). My idea is that the hero would be one of the strongest unities in the game, and capable of batteling multiple enemies at once.

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For the roof, I think it should be unchangable. For example, more "refined" buildings as civ center, castle, nobles houses or temples would have the finest type of roof. Blacksmith, dojo and some others would be made of average tiles, whereas peasants' homes would have a roof covering. Talking about the blacksmith, here it is, and it looks like my scanner's back on track! The sign in front of the building should have the characters 鍛冶屋 ( kajiya), meaning blacksmith.

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I just swiftly added it to my list. My sincerest gratitude + your scanner indeed now revealed the full glory.

Thank you for clarifying the roof. I will try to create a standardized roof set according to your outline. We have enough other things to research anyway (e.g. second floor, little towers, ornaments)

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