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Faction: Anglo-Saxons


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10 hours ago, niektb said:

@wackyserious: now you need to help me a bit: are the 2nd and the 4th the new meshes? (I guess so) but what's the difference between them?

(also, TBH, I like the colors and especially the ornaments on the older ones more)

2nd mesh (m_tunic_long), 4th mesh (m_pants_celt)

I'll still add the ornaments, the white cloth underneath the shirt is a linen undertunic, ornaments will be placed on the wool tunic (blue one)

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Those were done recently, days after the Alpha 20 release

I'm planning to use a red-yellow color scheme for the Anglo-Saxons padded cloths (Most of the textures in our current source file are now using multiply layers and clipping properties, so it is now very easy to recolor and tweak things, unlike the old source file)

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Ah, I misunderstood it, I'm sorry XD

I still don't quite get it, haha, if you are talking about the thick cloth armor and the shirt not matching, the shirt material is made of linen while the cloth armor is made of heavily stitched wool

But if it is about the white tunic on the clothing edges not matching, I still haven't reworked it, XD and that white cloth is supposed to be a linen undertunic, elaborate clothing details are going to be added on the top (colored) tunics. :D

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