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[Solved] Shark without melee attack

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Some major points behind this whole debate:

-animals in 0 A.D. fit three roles: be food source, be small nuisances to villagers so you have to worry about them, be decorative.

-most sharks don't attack stuff just like that. The two main exceptions are bull sharks, which tend to attack in shallow water, and pelagic shark (such as the whitetip) which are very opportunistic predators because of food scarcity.

-we do not have amphibious units. Sharks, even large great whites, can hardly sink vessels. There are recorded cases, but it's oustandingly rare, and extremely unlikely, particularly given the size of our ships.

Therefore, sharks don't have melee attacks because that would be unrealistic.

If we ever have amphibious units, it is a possibility that we'll add melee attacks to sharks. We'll see. However, for example, it might be good to have pelagic sharks and coastal sharks, the latter attacking only if amphibious units get in high seas. This would be a relatively realistic way of telling the player "units can't just swim forever".

About lions and such: those don't really attack humans either, but could if they feel threatened and so on. For the purpose of the game and fitting point 2, they probably should.

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