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As soon as NoMolester gave me the assignment to design some signatures, I started creating them.

Now v1 is finished.

The 0 A.D. Logo has to be replaced with a 1,000 A.D. logo and I'm not sure about the fonts used (Well, pretty sure that they need to be replaced). Perhaps the signatures need a whole redesign as wel.


Any comments?

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v2 is ready.



- used different fonts.

- new object and image dimensions.

To do:

- replace logo.

- replace text if neccesary.

- add fancy borders.

- remove a blackpixelborder on the left.

Edit: I'm still not sure about the fonts. Does anybody has a good idea?

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Right now, there is not much to do, i am researching and organizing everything, i will post a task thread like the ones in the art forum. Since formal work on the mod hast'n started yet, please wait until Arishia has the logo. Its the only thing missing in the signatures they are very cool right now (i'm already using it :P).

EDIT: I will post too a thread with info about the programs, file formats, the SVN and how to get them.

I think all that should be done for tomorrow. And we could finally start working.

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Hello; I apologize for the delay, I was moving to another city and it made ​​me a little complicated to work but I have two options here which one you like? Niektb what type of format you need Png or. Jpg or Vector?

the best format is vector "for the logo and icons" but the .png is usefl oo for the miniinoncs on the game

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Well, your medieval approach isn't ugly (Well done with the fonts!), though I miss a fancy border and a clearer layout.

BTW: where did you get the large "M" from, in the other topic? It should definitely be on our main menu background and our splashscreen!

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