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    Hello; I apologize for the delay, I was moving to another city and it made ​​me a little complicated to work but I have two options here which one you like? Niektb what type of format you need Png or. Jpg or Vector?
  2. Happy to work for the mod!! I could make a logo for the mod.
  3. Okok I will work on it. I attach an image that explains why the open corral, they put only structures that give shadow because if the close the building the animals will asfixiate.
  4. hello I am moving home right now I will continue working tomorrow on you comments. -poorer texture -better night shelter the only question I have. I dont know what you mean with railings?
  5. Hello, I listened your indications here are two options a square corral and a trapezoid coorral I like more the trapezoid because it is a more egyptian fashion but both are ok with me I couldnt put the hay stacks because there is no hay stack textures in the texture pack of the egyptians, i didnt want to put my own textures, how can i get the generic hay textures so i can put the hay stacks insde the corral or can i put my own textures for the hay?. any modification?
  6. I am already working in the model changing the elements you mention
  7. Hi, what do you think? What do you need next? I am learning "Blender" to help you in the textures because in 3dsmax I work with another texture management or if you have a guide to do it in 3dsmax that will be helpful. Obviously the props are missing, I tried to download the archive you have for the props but the archive is too old, do I make some? Or do you have some you could lend me for standardization?
  8. Sorry but I don´t understand a single word you said jeje Puedes hablarme en Español para poder entenderte mejor
  9. I am using windows 7 and there is no system_info.txt for the atlas in the appdata...... If there is how I get it?
  10. Hi, this is my concept for the Ptlomies Corral; I was based in "LordGood" concept but I thought that the ones he draw have some historical issues (poor people didn’t build second floors for their structures) also I change the mud brick fence for wooden because the ticket says so. Comments are welcome for changes or to start in the model. Thanks
  11. Can I start with the Ptolemies corral?
  12. Hi, I have been experiencing some problems with the scenario editor atlas (it freezes a lot! The program suddenly freezes 10 or 20 seconds for several seconds, especially when you select a new to place in the map) and some problems in the pathfinding but I am aware that you already are taking care of it.
  13. Sorry I was confused with the system that you managed; now I understand jeje ups
  14. Hi, I was going through the list of task but I notice that some of the buildings that are supposed to be waiting for modeling are already model o are already been taken. Do you have a list of task more updated? Or if you give me a task I am fine with it. Thank you
  15. Hello, I am Arishia. I am an environmental designer (is a career that centers in psicology, architecture and a little bit of civil engineer) and I am currently studing for civil engineer. NoMolester showed me the game and I was really interested to help in whatever I can. I center my abilities in architectural history and in the development of 3D or conceptual design of the structures. The programs that I use for 3D are: 3D Max (V Ray), Sketch Up, Rhinoceros (V Ray), and a little bit of Maya. If you like my help please inform me about the specifications for the 3D or if you want just the conceptual design or information about architectural history please inform me what to do or with who I concern this. Thank you and I really like what you are doing here! The game is interesting and that is why I would like to help in the development of the game. I can email you or send you some of my 3D designs if you are interested.
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