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Attn Artists: Make some designs for stickers!

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Attn all artists,

Someone has approached us about getting some stickers for an upcoming event he is attending and plans to advertise 0 A.D. at.

We need some promotional material that can be printed into stickers, probably no wider/higher than 2 inchs sqaure (5cm square).

We don't have to worry about getting the stickers printed, just the design.

It should include something 0 A.D. related, and include "play0ad.com" on it somewhere if able.

Have fun. Post all your resulting designs in this thread.


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Woo! I'm an artist! Uh, I'm not sure my style is quite 'clean' enough for something like stickers.

But what the heck why not!

Cool. Whip up something and post it in this thread. The deadline is the 9th (this Wednesday). After that, we need to choose which ones to go with and hand it on to the guy to source a local printery.

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Ludo, nice work.

Think you could whip up a simple one, white background, the 0 AD logo from your stickers above, the empires ascendent line, and the url somewhere, all within a rectangle (no "Free open source...." tagline needed).

See this sticker Marcel made = http://oi41.tinypic.com/2qjc6l3.jpg Like that but with "Empires Ascendent" and the URL.

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hi all,

I'm sorry but I'm out for a few days and wasn't able to work more on the stickers, and don't have my pc with me now to send you HD versions. I answer with my phone. I'm back on monday, if it'still time for some things...




I like those ones! Good style Lion.

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OK, here I'm back with the stickers in their full size and with slightly more space around the text (enough, I hope) :

UrukWN2s.jpg ILjMzFWs.jpg ewduxzws.jpg IylvUPVs.jpg HVd4osFs.jpg

Kieran, here is what you asked for, but square, not rectangle, because I found it works better :


I have a very busy week, so I won't do more on the stickers job. I hope it's ok. And anyway, there are also Lion.Kanzen's ones to consider.

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