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[DISCUSSION] Regenerative Resources

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@auron: For 0AD's city state time speed it might be the way to go.

@glassPen: We will adopt your great proposal for 0AD Extended if you don't mind. Its speedy flow of time might be better suited for the growth speed of a tree: (day night cycles possibly have to trick a bit here and have to toggle on a per year basis instead of per day. Unrealistic, but else a game had to take real life years which is undesirable for a virtual time machine.)

10 minutes = 1 year ingame = 365,24 days ingame  <=> 1 min = 36,524 days ingame  <=> 1 hour = 6 years ingame <=> 2 hours = 12 years ingame

Depending on how long you expect a game/time machine journey to take (assuming we have continuing saved games working), these might be alternative real vs. ingame time mappings:

10 minutes = 1 moon ingame = 29,7 days  <=> 1 min = 2,97 days ingame  <=> 1 hour = 6 months ingame <=> 2 hours = 1 year ingame

With realistic day night cycles on a per day basis we had to use that time mapping, but an enduring from Antiquity to Modern times would take centuries, which tells us that this mapping can only work for 0AD Part 1 or 2 as those target city ages and not epochs (and thus a much smaller timeframe than 0AD Extended):

10 minutes = 1 day ingame = 24 h ingame => 1 min = 2,4 h ingame  => 1 hour = 6 days ingame => 24 hours = 144 days = 1/2 year

Though even for 0AD's city ages time speed a mapping like the following would be more realistic (here day night cycles had to trick a bit too and toggle on a per month/moon cycle instead of per 24 hours)

real vs. ingame <=> 10 minutes real = 1 month ingame


Edit: 0 B.C.E. finally should progress swifter than 1200 years ingame in 200 hours real life (RL), i.e. 1200 years in 40 hours RL:

10 minutes = 5 years ingame  <=> 1 min = 1/2 year ingame  <=> 1 hour = 30 years ingame <=> 2 hours = 60 years ingame


Edited by Radagast.
Correct copy paste error. Add 10 minutes := 5 years ingame mapping.
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Contrary to countless other design topics, this one had a number of team members agreeing to proposals. So it sounds like someone who is still active on the project could implement it or at least write a ticket linking to this thread and generally describing what the design requirements are. In case of being able to state how it should be implemented, we might even be able to tag it as a simple ticket and let newcomers implement it, so that we only have to do the reviewing part.

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