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===[TASK]=== Ptolemaic Structures


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oooh stripy bit is way too big, and I could lose a few merlons over the gatehouse.

I'm kind of counting on these walls being Persian-sized as opposed to Carthage-sized. Flanking gate towers are going to clip into the gatehouse a bit, and it should fix the spacing issue I keep running into

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Thanks Ludo

Egyptian fortress gates are typically too thick to portray here, being the strongpoint in an ancient citadel. many of the wall plans of the Nile fortresses from the old dynasties show a gatehouse that is longer than it is wide. The resulting pathway into the fortress would either be strangled by a double gate or just be a long killing corridor

A gateway like the one that would flank a religious building such as a temple is an implied fortification, symbolic for spiritual feelings of strength and stability; it is not intended for use in warfare.

I did the best I could with what I know, descriptions of the Ptolemaic Baris hint at a similar plan to the old fortresses in terms of turret density, but architectural descriptions of fortifications always seem to sound the same.

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This is the most acurrate wall reference I could find. It's the Nile mosaic of Palestrina (already posted somewhere in the Ptolemies crowd sourcing thread)

Here's the high resolution image: http://www.kingsacademy.com/mhodges/11_Western-Art/03_Egyptian/WIK_Nile-Mosaic-of-Palestrina.jpg

It's dated in the hellenistic period of Egypt. If you look closely you can see some walls and walltowers depicted in the mosaic.

The style you made the walls are based on references circa 1800 AD. which you can find quite a lot of references. However, in the same mosaic there seems to be some kind of structure with squared merlons in the walls at the center of the mosaic too: Full Mosaic

Older Egypt references:





Regarding the barracks, I'm not 100% happy with it, but I'll commit it as is for now. I'd like it to be more delicate/less bulky than it is now, following the traits of egyptian architecture.

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Beni Hassan tombs seems to be from Middle kingdom. Wikipedia:

"While there are some Old Kingdom burials at the site, it was primarily used during the Middle Kingdom, spanning the 21st to 17th centuries BCE"

I'm pretty sure that if they used merlons, they were rounded ones. But I'm a little confused by the fact that the bigger walls depicted in the mosaic don't use them, althought some of them do, like you pointed out. However, walltowers style seems to be uniform in the whole mosaic.

I also agree with the oversaturated roof yellow color. It will be toned down. If you feel there are other parts of the texture that needs adjusting, please tell me.

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lol those are some interesting looking towers. I could give them a go, but they look kind of odd, and they don't seem like they'd like the texture pack very much

Could you explain to me how to deal with the door armature? I'm lost here.

Or should I just model some doors, fix the AOs, zip it up, and put it here?

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The last gates added to the game were handled by Pureon. I tried to fiddle around with the gate animations but couldn't make it work propperly. I guess it needs one bone for each door, and one main bone for both. The AO in the gate will not work unless the doors are a separated actor. (animated actors do not support ao maps afaik)

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