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Hero Portraits!


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Hey all,

A while back I offered to do some portraits for the game units but was unhappy with my portraiture at the time. I have since remedied that dissatisfaction and so i'm back to paint some heroes. First is hannibal, second is ashoka the great. They're rough works in progress and their costumes are left vague for now so people have a chance to throw reference at me before I waste time rendering something inaccurate. I intend to do a portrait for each faction then move into whatever appeals. Let me know what you think.



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Wow, really nice quality portraits! they look promising :)

I hope you don't mind if I leave here some heroes references..

Hannibal references:



Ashoka references:


More mauryan heroes:


Philip of Macedon:




Alexander the great:



And his helmet:



If you prefer to work on other heroes, just ask and we'll give you references :P

Looking forward to see your progress! :)

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Yea, I hope a little variation is ok. So far I've been going off of what historic references I could find especially with ashoka. If anyone wants to post a screen cap of the units in game, it would be helpful, af I cammy currently update to alpha 12 right now. Thanks for the ref and the kind words. I saw you posted alexander the great reference but I was told before it was being worked on, was the portrait abandoned?

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Also i'm going to submit a hannibal variation where he only has one eye, so if there's a punic wars campaign, his iberian exploits can be with the first portrait, then after the alps and all that, he can be shown with one eye. If such a campaign ever happened I could even do an older portrait for the later game.

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K here's a final draft of hannibal missing a background and pupils and one with one eye. And a rough of boudicca.

Those are incredible mate, I know it's tough to see in the reference image of hannibal, but i think those arent extra horsehair crests on the sides but feathers, correct me if I'm wrong. I think the eye looks fine just how it is.

Great job dude

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