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0 A.D. is a very good game... Why?


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its a Kind of FeedBack Topic and Analysis or kind of Market research.

Why i want know?:

its simple to know where the weakness and Strongest about 0.A.D. and how to let know to our Target.


Gameplay: the perfect Balance with Many Civs. the AOE main gameplay

History Acuraccy: in this the game kick all named 5 Stars historic based. even has voices.

Good Graphic: need Optimization to be playable for most user.

Free: all with a good pc can enjoy it.

Crossplataform: even linux gamer can enjoy it.

Development Feedback: discuss in our Forums with the Project Leaders, programmers, artist and others.

Modabble: yes this a feature make great a game, look Rome total War, Rise of Nations, etc.

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My preferred civ is The Iberians and i don't see them there.

i Want know where are the points that must be focus to the Future releases for Satisfactoriness our Users.

its some anonymous feeback, and usefull data for make decisions based in the final consumer=Gamer.

The Marketing reseach its only for where we are, i where go.

Marketing research is "the function that links the consumers, customers, and public to the marketer through information — information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process.
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It needs permission to see the link


I requested permission with my google account


I found 0ad by googling up free age of empire like games. I looked at a forum and they recommended 0 ad. Thats how I found this site.

Google is the best friend to find 0 AD.

but what happens to Twitter and Facebook?

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now are 36 users, later i made one for RTS gamers. and non players.

This one Question more interesting to aswer, special after the fall or fail of Age of Empires Online.

What People want about features that we already have?


The Mauryan are next to Finish.

i will finish the some last Mauryan Shields.

and Ptolomies and Seleucids are coming to enter in Phase to be Create.


Maybe a Pre Persian Egypt are too nice feature to the End of Part 1 or a Prequel of the Game.

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yes i now but my work with Mauryan has Finished, and i try to contribute other Projects, Advance 2D art for Ptolomies, Documentation.

Other than my Project its about Research Marketing, the Game, the Competitors, the Users

Other its Latin Voices but with not Fix the Sound or Finish it not advance with this.

Other are Wallpaper with Some finest art(3d + Photoshop)

and promotional videos for attract more new players.

I love this game.

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