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Crowd-sourced Civ: Mauryan Indians


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They may be the same people, but the obviously do not reside in the same geographical locale. The reason why you cannot tell the difference is because of many different factors, one of them being geographical (if they live in the same place, then its likely they'll develop similar skin tone), the other being marriages between these different people. I'm sure there are many other factors. Just look at people from Assam, they're as fair as Europeans! And the north east has seen little migration, so we can see that people there are pure locals :)

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Mauryans were based in North India as their capital was in Pataliputra

Bihar, Bengal, Eastern UP, Orissia, etc are East India,


East India


Magadha is an east Indian kingdom.

North India is Punjab, Sindh, Kashmir, etc


. Just look at people from Assam, they're as fair as Europeans!

@SB I dont know what type of dark Europeans you've been seeing. :P

Anyways, this skin tone thing is a non issue. They made them brown, which is accurate.

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@lilstewie : I too know that North India is Punjab, UP, Kashmir, etc. but, do note that I've also quoted in my previous post that Chandragupta Maurya's kingdom was spread in north and north eastern India.What I meant by north India was in general the northern part of India.Yes, the skin tone thing is a non issue but, since the game is being created as a historically accurate game I thought may be I should notify the developers of the slight mistake.Anyways, it is good they made the unit brown which is accurate.

@Adi12 : First of all I'm sorry if I've hurt you.Yes, you are right.One cannot simply tell by just looking at a person from which part of India he/she is and I'm not trying to divide India into North and South India and I too condemn it even if someone tries to do so.The point I'm trying to make is that the "Indian female worker unit" in the game should not be dark as it is cited in the Mauryan faction details rather it should be slightly fair.I don't need the topic to be dragged any deeper so I'll wind it up.Once again I'm sorry if I've hurt you.

@Shield Bearer : Just in case if you didn't know, women in India even now wear sarees.

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Some ideas for Mauryan technologies:

Chanakya is a teacher, so he actually can "research" technologies from himself. Perhaps 4 broad technologies that take a long time to "research" (teach). He also empowers research for buildings he is tasked to empower (like the Egyptian "Pharaoh" unit in Age of Mythology).

The Mauryan Fortress would have 4 unlocking techs based on the "four-armed army" philosophy, the Caturangabala. These techs would be exclusive, meaning you can only choose one of the four: Infantry / Cavalry / Chariots / Elephants. A player would choose one of these arms to specialize, unlocking a batch of techs based on their choice. For instance, the "Infantry" choice would unlock a batch of 4 infantry techs and 1 tech each for the other 3 arms. Choosing "Chariots" would unlock a batch of chariot techs and 1 tech for each other the other 3 arms.

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It's great to see crowd-sourcing so more factions can make it. Hope to see Germanics and Scythians eventually with the help of crowd sourcing.

I love the Mauryans, especially the worker elephant. It's a really interesting "gimmick". Great idea.

Can't wait for them to have the right elephants and the elephants functioning correctly. It will be my favorite civ, besides Gauls and Britons.

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some units are not animated, like elephants? is bug or they can't have one?

The team is short on animators. Most units use the same animations, so that's not difficult, but new ones are needed for the elephants, that's why they still aren't animated. There are people working on it though.

Note that there are still a lot of animals missing animations.

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It's just not been done yet, they will definitely have animations before the game is released though. Animating things is one of the hardest things you can do though, so it's not something as many people can do + it takes quite a lot of time, so it might be a while before all animals have animations. Also, we might not be able to animate all animals that have models made for them, but elephants definitely are important enough that we would not consider the game completed without them :)

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