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Wonders, Special Buildings, and Special Projects

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After talking with Kimball, I thought we could make a thread where we post ideas for post-Alpha 9 projects, specifically regarding buildings, but possibly including other Easter egg things we want to add to the game. Make sure to post whatever references you find, and we'll make a nice big comprehensive list.

First, I'd like to mention the Ishtar Gates of Babylon:


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Colossus are more hard, nobody know how it was.

Yes indeed, therefore an artist impression might surprise us.

And what's truly nice with creating an impression of something that people have no idea about how it looks? After it's finish people will use it as reference :D

Should be good for ocean maps.

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Special buildings/objects like these are mostly one-offs that don't necessarily need to be consistent with other civs, so can be worked on by individuals (or groups) from the community. I think we should mention that in the first post here.

If someone wants to focus on a specific model, they can create a topic dedicated to that building/object. Thinking about it some more, I think we should create a new topic to explain how this will work, reading the above posts will be confusing.

Some other items that could be worked on:

Banyan Trees


Luxor Colossus


Sphinx of Memphis


Delphi Sphinx


Osirian statue


Temple of Venus, Heliopolis


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i think, first and foremost, at least one wonder should be decided upon for each playable civilization and then unique other wonders can be chosen. for example, the currently decided-upon civilizations' wonders could be. for example, the specific wonder for the romans could be the roman senate building while the persians could get the palace/tomb of xerxes

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The Colosseum was really Imperial Rome so I don't think it would be appropriate in Part 1.

So, guys, we need people to start modeling these. ;) Come one, come all! contributors, do your best! ;)

I assume most of you are already aware, but when I was 'scavenging' the public mod files this weekend I stumbled upon a quite nice model for the Colosseum. It seems to lack textures though. Still, enough other civilizations to cater to :)

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The Colosseum was really Imperial Rome so I don't think it would be appropriate in Part 1. While we are at it, ziggurats and pyramids would make excellent choices for wonders!

dont they already have pyramids in the atlas?

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