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We thought about making their temple a big oak tree, but then we thought it would look kind of stupid. :)

that would look stupid, and it would also conflict with the celts in my mythology idea, who use trees to get favor from the gods :ok:

My first try at map making:



Depending on how the game evolves, water unit movement restrictions will probably stop it functioning. But it was worthwhile making it anyway :)

holy @#$%, that is awesome!

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Actually I don't know if those words designate something different in English English, but in U.S. English a marsh has standing water and the dominant vegetation is grass. A swamp has standing water but there is significant tree cover. A salt marsh is in an estuary or coast such that the water is salty or semi-salty.

A bog is different in vegetation, soil, and pH. The soil is acidic and thicker and has less fertility, leading to a different vegetation: mosses (especially peat moss), trees (especially conifers such as tamarack/larch and black spruce), and carnivorous plants, mainly pitcher plants and sundews. The soil contains of a lot of peat. The water table in a bog can also be closer to the land surface, while in a marsh I think it is higher off the ground. A bog can have both open areas and places with nearly full tree cover.

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Interesting how some languages are preciser than the other. At least in colloquial German, there would be no difference between the two. (maybe there is one made in scientific literature, don't know) Thanks!

Same in Hebrew. (But Hebrew has many different words for harvesting different plants, for example).

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In dutch there is only one word in use at the moment, but in the Middle ages there were many words.

Maybe it has to do with the process of landwinning, turning marshes into dry land for agricultural purposes. Today Belgium has almost no marshes anymore, in the middle ages and before they were legio.

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The angle and distance of those screenshots is deceptive - At game default angle and zoom the map looks detailed because of the details in the texture. I could add more flora to the map, and probably will, but that will also increase the system resources required to play on it. All the map has so far are some trees and a few bushes - here are a few screens of it at default settings:




I haven't worked on it since I posted the last screenshots though...

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yeah, I started making a map based on these screenshots, but after an hour of work (I was pretty far along) we lost power and all my progress was lost. lol... I might try again tomorrow. :ok:

Maybe it make sense to implement some autosaving mechanism for Atlas? I mean something like that, what implemented in office applications - when it enabled it save all opened documents each X minutes (value can be customized).

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