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how much is the game finnised?


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In my opinion: what's the point of making a video now? I fear fans will think it is an almost-finished project, but when they find out that this is only playable more than ONE year later...

I would get frustrated :) I hope you understand what I mean?

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Hello to all!

I'm new to this forum. I registered on purpose to write on this topic...

Back in 2004, I was about to (finally!) switch from Windows to Linux and one of the first things I remember I did was to search for good RTS games for Linux, similar to Age of Empires, since I was and I am a big fan of those kind of games... I remember I discovered this game on my searches and ok, it was being developed and it was free! I said: fantastic! A great looking game, style Age of Empires, completely free and Linux compatible. That was the perfect solution for Linux, since I was going to completely get rid of Windows and I needed a game like this....

But after some problems and stuff, I had to maintain Windows on my PC, so the problem was gone, since I had Age of Empires back... But I found a place on my memory for this game, altough I never really got to the site to see the progress of it, since those times, back on 2004...

Now in 2009, I finally was able to make the desired change to Linux 100% and guess what? I remembered that great game that I saw in 2004. After some searches, I found it back and I said to me: the game for sure has already been released since long time. After all, it was a great game and I was 100% confident I was going to find the game to download..... But, I found nothing....

Not yet released?? Since 2004?? Started back in 2003? Oh, come on! How can this be true? I know the game is free and there is 0 pressure to make the release, but 5 years is a long time to be happy about it... Normally, on these kind of situations, the games are never going to be released....

I went to the forum to see where the situation of the game was and what I've been reading makes me even less confident that the game will ever be released... Development has been slow after all!

I know the game is free, I know that it's exceptional the work you guys have been putting on this, for free!, I appreciate that 200%, very honestly... But not finding a possible date for a release is usually a signal that it will be difficult that the game will ever be released....

This game is unique for Linux, judging from the features. Come on guys, I need this game for Linux LOOL :) Just joking :D... seriously, not even a small idea for a possible date for the release? Is the game so far away from being complete? What can you say about this? What can I and others expect?

Keep the great work and all the best regards!

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I know, I mentioned that in my post. Obviously I'm not judging them, I don't have that right in this case! I hope people will not have wrong meanings about my post...

I just have some kind of fear that the game will never be released and end up like many others... 5 years is a long shot.... At the same time, I was hoping for some date coming from them....

Time and waiting takes down hope you know....

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Well, as I've said time and time again, I'm sure we would like to have a date more than most of you :D

The truth is that unlike a corporation where one knows before-hand how much time will be available for a project every week we don't know. Some weeks there's a lot of time for the project, other weeks there's a lot of other things taking up all the time, like school, other hobbies, work, etc. And also, while there is a moral obligation for the team members to participate and do as much as they can to further the project there's no way to force anyone to do anything :) The only thing we can do to make individual team members work as much as possible on the project is to try and make them have as much fun as possible and try and make contributing as easy as possible.

About whether or not 0 A.D. will be released: I sure hope so, and will do what I can to make it possible, but I can't guarantee anything. Hopefully not too far into the future, but as we want to release a good game and not just something that's barely playable I think it will still be some years into the future.

Feel free to suggest ways for us to make it happen sooner, but I'm afraid there isn't much to do. Unless you would hire a bunch of experienced programmers to work on the game or something :D

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I think it will still be some years into the future.

Well, I think this sentence says it all, and that's what I was looking for: a time reference (no matter how big it was) for the release of the game...

As it can be taken away from my posts, I totally understand 100% what you said, and obviously that's what we have to naturally expect from a game that is completely free of charge.

But I have some kind of fear/doubt in my mind. As the game development lasts longer, that will make the game even more difficult to finish, because the code/stuff has to be constantly rewritten and adapted to fulfill the new demandings that natural evolution of games will bring in the future.... That's my honest opinion, but there's nothing to do, I know...

But the word "years" made it clear for me.... Still some long time to wait unfortunately...

Ok, keep the great work, good luck and best regards!

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We're like Blizzard. It'll be released...Just when it's done.

Honestly, it's more than 0 pressure or doing it for free. We all have real jobs and real lives. 0 A.D. comes second to that, and unfortunately the game suffers for it on a development standpoint. Me for example...I've tried to help development where I can, but working my day job all day, being on my feet...I come home in the evening and I just don't want to sit around doing audio. However, when I have a day off, or some free time is when I try and do a little. The work I need to do for the game now is slow coming, but it's coming.

It's just like the game. I have seen improvements in several areas of the game over the months I've joined the team. The basic mechanics seem almost all fleshed out, from the pathfinding to the building placement and unit production. The game is coming along, and I know it will be released in time. But with real life in the way of things...It's just slow.

We do ask everyone waiting and watching this game for their patience. If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, a lot of people came before it was fully build, and now they're setting up camp waiting for it, throwing food at us. But if you're eager to see this game finished, post your application to join the team. We could always use more help from time to time.

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I think you guys should definitely take as much time as you need and you don't owe anyone anything. It's just unfortunate that i'm finding less and less time for gaming, so to hear that this will be finished in a few years is a bit disconcerting, as i long for a another aoe1/aok-like game (not aoe3, i can't stand the card system). Hopefully something playable, even a beta or demo will be released in the near future. Anyway, good luck and enjoy your game making.

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That kind spammer the other day reminded me of the existence of this game. ;)

Had a big deja vu seeing this topic, and it was indeed the same topic I've seen for years now (and of course the first topic I checked).

It really makes me sad to read that the game seems to be progressing slowly.

I didn't read all the replies since my last visit, but I see you guys are lacking some programmers. The reason I found you guys in the first place was that, at the time, I was looking for more good strategy games. Big AoE fan here, still play part 3 a lot. Anyway, this game really stood out. It was simply amazing back then, and it kept it's charm over time. It would not do this game justice to not release it. So in my humble opinion, you should get those programmers and get it done. And guess what. I'm a programmer, and I study AI.

So, long story short (if it's not too long already). Give me a pm if you still need help on this. Even though I prefer C# these days, I might be of some use. I've been in (big) indie programming teams before, although I must honestly admit no projects got finished, and getting some AI programming experience in a strategy game is something I'd really like. I've been programming for about 8 years, and know my share of C++ (little rusty maybe) and other languages (also scripting, like lisp/some lua). I can dream stuff like A* pathfinding, although I imagine applying such things in 3D games poses extra difficulties. I am experienced with OpenGL, although personally I crossed over to XNA since C# doesn't feature OpenGL. So I might be able to help out a bit there as well, although your graphics engine already seems way more advanced than anything I've ever created (big surprise there).

Ok, apologies for little it become a long story anyway :) . I'd rather not fill in an application form yet as I'd like to hear a bit more about what needs to be done first :P

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That kind spammer the other day reminded me of the existence of this game.

heh, this may be the first time I'm grateful to a spammer :)

Actually, I think the AI pathfinding does need more work.

That's right. We have a basic A* pathfinder and a much more advanced TRA* (triangulated A*) system, but the latter is currently in limbo because it depends on a library for constrained Delaunay triangulation that's incompatible with our open-source license. Pathfinding being really important for RTS games, it sure could use some more work. One worthwhile undertaking would be a multilevel scheme that subdivides large maps into sectors (it doesn't make sense to perform long-distance searches at the full resolution).

Give me a pm if you still need help on this.

PM sent! ;)

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Let me begin by stating that I do like what you all have accomplished so far with 0AD and congratulate you for it.

That said, I'd just like to offer an "external" view:

There are problems that arise with development efforts of this type that can typically kill them over time -- sometimes it takes a long time. Given the obvious committment shown here, I would hope that is not the fate for 0AD.

One of the problems is time, and the never-ending supply of it for those that do non-commercial ("paid for") development. The problem is, that there is a waiting base of N players chafing at the bit to get their hands on this game, and some of that interest will drop off over time, as I'm sure some of it has. Sure there are always new people discovering the 0AD project to replace them, but some of them have likely gone as well by now. Ok, enough of "time is the enemy"...

Another issue is development run by developers. I know something of this, as I am a developer and have been for a long time. I've also run development projects, and finally learned that there is a balance to achieve between the typical developer view of "it'll be done when it's done" (yes, I've said it too), and the marketing version "we need it now!" (and yes, I've had more than enough exposure to that side as well).

I finally got to the point where I run a small company doing development of our own products and contract dev work as well. Now I get to suffer on both sides. :)

What I can say from experience is that there is a balance you must strike. The "when it's done" is typically offered from the point of view of "it's not quite perfect yet". Well, the base of waiting players do not care. The balanced developer has to understand something like the following:

The pathfinder we have works, but it's not the best we can do. We need a better algorithm to make it act like we want it. *However*, it *does* work do some playable degree, so *move on*.

That's what version upgrades are for, guys -- not just adding additional factions, maps and visual content.

I've trolled the forums here and see massive potential in what you are doing, and also see the distinct possibility that this many never see the light of day. As a developer, I know firsthand how hard it is to let the baby take it's first steps -- but then it's never "perfect enough", now is it? Make the hard "good enough" choices and move forward -- you have a community that's behind you... for now.

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