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  1. So does that mean a wide river flowing into a large lake on a different level with a waterfall, will only have either the river OR lake traversable by boats, and not both since they would be on two different planes? Or am i misunderstanding how it works? Not a huge deal, but would be nice if possible.
  2. Good to hear! It's something i always thought was missing in the aoe games.
  3. A thought (inspired by total war), are you guys planning on implementing directional formation movement, by which i mean u can tell your units exactly which direction to face? An easy way to do this would be when you right click to tell your units to move, hold the right mouse button and drag, and an arrow or shadowed version of the formation would appear and let you drag it into the direction of your choosing, so once arriving at the destination, the formation would orientate themselves in that direction. A step further would be choosing the number of ranks in the formation as you drag the right click sideways (basically identical to total war), but this might be a bit much for this style of game.
  4. Hey guys, just thought i'd make a suggestion while it's still in my mind. Would it be possible to implement an 'attack group' command. How it would work is that instead of only being able to attack a single unit at at time with the right click, you could right click and hold to drag a selection of enemies to attack. I think other games have implemented something similar (can't recall which though), but it's a simple but handy function. I remember from AoE it got a bit annoying having to attack a single unit initially, afterwhich the ai would take control and attack multiple enemies as a group (which was only a result of each unit going for the nearest enemy). I'm not too sure how you would determine who attacks what, but it would make initial engagements a bit more interesting, ie units of armies would clash at the frontline simultaneously. Sorry if this has been suggested or planned already, but a search of the forums resulted in nothing (maybe since it's a bit of a vague topic name).
  5. Hooray for progress! I'll be sure to try this version later this week when i have time.
  6. Can i just chime in and say that the music is FANTASTIC. Really professional stuff, and suits the context of the game perfectly.
  7. Thanks guys! It's always reassuring to know that progress is constantly being made towards the end product.
  8. While that screen looks...odd, i'm excited for any strategy game made by the AoE devs. I am a little worried microsoft will make this multiplatform, which will inevitably result in design simplifications to accomodate the 360 controller.
  9. Yeh that would make the most sense. With a singleplayer campaign i was meaning like hero units or essential campaign units, which would gain experience throughout the campaign, although im not sure that would workout too well. There would have to be some limits, or maybe have the hero unit be improved occasionally as a direct result of some event in the campaign story. This would all of course depend on the preference of the campaign developer, and would be more of a story element effecting a few select units, rather than a base gameplay element.
  10. Personally i hated the experience and homecity/card system of aoe3 (my least favourite aoe for that reason), the main reason being that it discouraged playing as different civilisations, since you would be focussed on leveling up one civ. It just detracted from the feel of previous aoe games. And the homecity shipments had this effect aswell, just didn't feel like previous aoe games, where you would have to build up your army, and gather the necessary resources, rather than relying heavily on home city shipments. I do like the idea of individual units gaining experience though. Would this be a persistant thing or on an individual match basis. It might make sense to have persistant units in a single player campaign, however i'm not sure it would really work all that well across random skirmishes.
  11. The closing of Ensemble Studios was a very sad thing indeed. Part of me suspects microsoft wanted to pull away from the RTS genre, as it wasn't all that viable on the Xbox 360 due to control limitations, and its fairly obvious that microsoft is now very much focussed on its console rather than the PC.
  12. Happy new year 0 A.D. and everyone else! Screenshot looks awesome too.
  13. Perhaps some kind of 0AD recruitment banner people can put in their sigs in various forums could be made to help spread the word a bit more, and maybe find some new coders and such. It's not much but it may just catch someone's eye and give you that little bit of extra publicity.
  14. Well i'd voted for all my favourite mods and games (including 0 A.D. of course) as a guest. What is the purpose of the guest vote (voting while not logged in) then, since you say it does not count? I have now created an account though but the vote system obviously logs your ip since it doesn't allow me to vote again while logged into my account. This to me sounds like votes do count without an account, however i think the amount of guest votes are limited every couple of minutes or so. Correct me if i'm wrong though. Technicalities aside, i'm really hoping 0 A.D. does well, as it would bring a lot more attention to this awesome game, and i'd imagine it would provide a significant morale boost to the devs and this community (plus the prizes of course )
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