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  1. Geez.. I guess I sounded a bit like "Dad" there But then, it was offered with the best of intentions. And I *am* a dad, and that's what we do Pan
  2. Let me begin by stating that I do like what you all have accomplished so far with 0AD and congratulate you for it. That said, I'd just like to offer an "external" view: There are problems that arise with development efforts of this type that can typically kill them over time -- sometimes it takes a long time. Given the obvious committment shown here, I would hope that is not the fate for 0AD. One of the problems is time, and the never-ending supply of it for those that do non-commercial ("paid for") development. The problem is, that there is a waiting base of N players chafing at the bit to
  3. Apomonomenos... For what it's worth, with regard to wearing a helmet -- my cousin as well as his mom and dad were all avid bikers, and they all wore helmets when they rode. Of course, my cousing sometimes left the helmet off when riding with his buddies, I guess because it "wasn't manly" to them. One day when riding with his buddies -- sans helmet -- this experienced rider lost control on a patch of sand on a curve and went headlong into a very large and substantial tree. My cousin Ken was permanently disabled, confined to a wheelchair with limited use of his hands and arms and barely underst
  4. I'm a software developer from the east coast (US) that happened across 0 AD and this site somehow (probably my typical "late night, wind down, web browsing"). I did a build of the current SVN source for 0 AD -- looks very promising! Great work, guys/gals! I've been a coder/developer/manager/consultant/floor sweeper for <cough> over 20 years now (ok.. <COUGH> over 25). No real specialties here, I've worked in several languages and pretty much every microcomputer-based OS since DOS 1.0 (and I'm still trying to erase the memories of Windows 1.0 to 2.x). I guess I'm a "well seasoned"
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