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Found 3 results

  1. Happy New Year and sleep tonight all Haven't found a related thread in two search result pages so maybe everyone else is happy with the graphs' layout as of a23: /me (wish, dream) there was a way to compare between both players and games, that would be visually easier as well as more relieable than trying to compare between always changing numbers without a single visual helper. Even by only adding a few visual marks e.g. (watch out, /me really not the best at graphics he he): Here one could, for example, see until when he scored less than opponent X, how much he gathered at 1'00 or at 5'00, and so on in a second.
  2. I just installed 0ad 23 Ken Wood, I don't know what happened but i am getting a warning and an error at the start of a game, when it finished loading my graphics are all kind of weird, sometimes very blocky, other times no shadows and sometimes black buildings and no shadows... I have a picture of the error and how the graphics look attached resume of pc Specs: i5 6500 16 Gb ddr4 ram 980ti GPU
  3. I asked yesterday to bb (not bbleft) what is the min configuration to play, he send me a link. -> I read : 1 Ghz, 512 Ram , Geforce3 .. seriously ? This would been maybe the minimum configuration for a 0ad10 , low settings, single player 1v1. Would it be possible to create a scripted scenario involving 8 AI with a rendered sea, garisonning boats, elephants, gaia, 8 armies, buildings destruction , massive battles All this screnario will last 1 min and the frame rate will be recorded. This statistic will be submitted beside the CPU, GPU and RAM in order to create a report. The dev team will create a web page report of many computer configuration. So the dev team will know if the new game version is more optimised than before. And players can know if the future laptop they want to buy is powerfull enough to play 0ad. ( Of course, the user has to close all other apps before launching the scenario-scripted benchmark)
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