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  1. It was common enough in some areas, for sure. How did anyone domestic a sheep in the Age games? To my knowledge (that doesn't extend as far as AoM) we just rounded them up herding them to near the Mill or the TC and then whacked 'em for their food value... not very 'domestic' imo. Well, I thought long and hard on it, and although it IS possible to milk a sheep, you won't be getting much from it, so I had rejected the idea. I had also thought about how might benefit from sheep's wool but nothing came to mind. I suppose now though since I came up with a use for miss piggy in the regular game that we could make it, the sheep, domestic, like the piggy... because one not only 'raises' mutton but gets a benefit of the wool, too. Whatcha think? Sure.
  2. Sam, and welcome to our forums. Well, better late than never, eh? ooooOOOOoooo, and fancy meeting Debbie here, too.
  3. Miles, and welcome to our forums. 44~45 years ago when I visited Alberta, specifically to go to Lethbridge and Calgary, I found it and its people to be very kewl and have harboured fond memories of that visit and 'canucks' every since.
  4. Executed editing actions to the topic mentioned in previous post.
  5. Yes, I saw that after I''d posted but was very late so deferred action. Sorry about that. I'll move them up. The net yield per minute would be 3.33 Food, but I spec'd it to deliver at a rate of every 15 minutes attended in order to encourage keeping pig(s) garrisoned in corral. Maybe that won;t 'play' so well but just a thought on how we could make the pig a useful resource in the regular game (had previously been spec'd only to the Scenario Editor, but even then... like, so what?). I'm gonna take Pig and Boar out of Desert and Semi-Arid map availability as the folks inhabiting those lands were not fond of that food source and the animal didn't thrive there in any case. Sorry to hear that, take care of yourself and get over it soonest... for your own comfortability.
  6. OK, Stu, this one is ready for transfer.
  7. Be careful, now. That there be the Chief's Dragon.
  8. Dan the Red. Welcome to WFG's forums... good to cya out and about.
  9. Ah well, ya win some and ya lose some... but nothing ventured nothing gained.
  10. Michael, If you are going to do that as Alex asks, as it is a Trireme, arrange one siege weapon on deck at the bow end and another on deck at the stern end. then in between place two ranks of foot units without exactly crowding them. Suggest you place a ballista toward the bow and onager toweard the stern. Put ranged units such as bowmen, slingers or javelinists on deck between the two fore and aft of the mainmast. If you can, furl the sail. We know that we'll be able to do that when the ship(s) are brought to a standstill, or are on the attack with ship's ram. We will not attempt to 'step the mast'. You will have to 'fit' the two siege weapons onto the deck (Ideally, neither will occupy more deckspace than would 4 foot units). This will then also define the size of those weapons when taken offboard ship and employed on land. Alex, note that what I'm doing here in my instruction to him is merely to demonstrate the 'principle' though the AoM Trireme isn't exactly suitable for our purpose in 0ad. You will, however, as player, have lattitude as to which units you wish to 'garrison' aboard. This will be the case for all of the four ships types/sizes, though there are some restrictions that apply relative to type; but I'm not going into that now. ======================== I emphatically agree that to-date ships have been depicted as being small absurdities in other RTS games of the genre. They will not be so in 0 A.D.
  11. Salamis (480 BC) I did look, but never having played AoM I didn;t know exactly what to look for so just took a wild stab in the dark. However, with the hint, I don't know how there could be one other taking the cue from the ships as being engaged, though, of course, many other battles were fought... Salamis is the most famous of them as far as the warboats go... all hail Themistocles.
  12. Still working on this, so expect it to be rather garbled for awhile.
  13. Have begun working on this one.
  14. Majicman, and welcome to our forums. Yeah, gotta luv that 0ad.
  15. Brian, and welcome to our forums. Lemme see, now..... that be two bosses in the same classroom, Brian he be da teacher and der Jasoner he be da chief of the 0aders. I wonder who has the largest 'following'. Whatever, we'll be VERY glad to have your participation, pardner.
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