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  1. I am pleased to announce that Larry Baird aka Phoenix-Dragonslayer has joined the Design Department. His job will be as Head of Beta Testing, 0 A.D. Team. In the meantime in order to prepare for that, he is charged with getting to know every facet of the game's design and implementation that it is possible for him to become aware of... as well as preparing for conduct of the testing regimen. Larry is a longtime player of the AoE/RoR/AoK/AoC/AoM series of games, as well as having been a 'strategist' of some note in his own right, and by profession is a systems administrator, trainer & tester for personnel involved in a governmental health & welfare agency in the state of California. At 41, he is well married, has a family with 3 kids, and is a mature individual. Online, during the past several years he has served as the Emperor of Tonto Clan and is now the Co-Consul and webmaster for the relatively new Phoenix Clan, both of which are multi-gaming interest clans. I am priviledged to have met him in real life and am confident that he has a lot to bring to the 0ad Team effort in making the game COME TO LIFE. So let's 'hear' it now for LARRY... WITH A HEARTY ROUND OF APPLAUSE!
  2. Yup... but all praise goes to Ryan for making them.
  3. I am wondering why Latin.... but, exactly what are you talking about here? Written languages in support of the game?
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