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  1. C is a much more logical language than English...
  2. What a coincidence! I do that too! It really annoys people for some reason... If I'm thinking about a problem (except on a test) or something, I will be always walking around a table and throwing a pen in the air.
  3. I used to love origami... and I still have some square paper left... So I'm gonna go make a frog army!
  4. I made, and accidentally deleted, a Linux LiveCD, 2005 happened, Sam got kicked out of Chipotle, irishstag got a haircut, and other things....
  5. *gasp* I LOVE spicy food! Instead of just eating that "Medium spicy" cheese w/ nachos, I dice jalapeno peppers and throw them in
  6. I got them all right. Am I qualified to be a proffessional?
  7. Yep. It will be different being the shortest and youngest in the class
  8. Calc isn't boring! I had lots of fun studying it on my own...
  9. On January 18, my Calculus 1 class starts! I can't wait! I've already studied a bit of calculus (1 and 2) for a while, but I have to actually take the courses before I can take diff. equations. Oh well. My (approx 90 lb. ) calculus book:
  10. Chipotle? That's the Mexican restaurant, right? I've been there before... their nachos are too salty. Why would you be kicked out from a restaurant for being there too long? That's dumb. BOYCOT CHIPOTLE!!!
  11. Heh, I'm going to put "This post copyright © 2005 Carlos Dominguez" in my signature
  12. Can you legally just put the copyright symbol on anything you make, even if you don't go to the copyright office? Like... This post is copyright © Carlos D 2005 or something like that?
  13. Welcome to WFG! I am also on my home-built computer! @Dnas: Compared with the rest of his computer, 512MB is tiny. I wish I had a300GB HD. But I'm stuck with 60GB. Oh well.
  14. Interests are things like.... Linux... math... Rubik's cube.... antimicrosoftism... and other things you like. Welcome to WFG!
  15. What about a forum with 1 member, and that member is active
  16. lol. But if any goes wrong (eg traffic), then he'll accidentally register after which is not good.
  17. Hmm... maybe I should keep learning SDL!!
  18. Hey Chichi! Everything is going great; WFG is still here, isn't it?
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