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  1. We really need Rep points back! And we need to be able to post in Lo-Fi.
  2. Anyone on Slashdot yesterday? It was flooded with april fools jokes. That was funny. Also: http://www.dhmo.org Anyone else get it?
  3. Not surprising. There are people in 6th grade who smoke.
  4. Because he knows when he's going to cook him! peta.org runs on Windows.
  5. I know, my brother and I always make jokes about PETA. You know, not eating/killing animals isn't going to stop other people from hunting/cooking/eating/selling them...
  6. LOL, my brother send an email to PETA about this.
  7. NO! That means he won't get 50k and Toby will DIE!!!!!
  8. LOL! I would give money, but I don't have any
  9. I went into graphics mode *shudder* to see it. Almost anything with tables is going to look like a big jumble of messyness in Lynx. I found this in the Lynx help: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/%7Ejeffwong/ly...sign/index.html
  10. That's what I usually do, but I don't have any work to get done.
  11. Heh, that's completely what I thought. "Okay, I need to get at LEAST a 140 and a 12 or else I'll be a disgrace to AoPS..." = me
  12. Does this happen to anyone else? I practice old math comptetitions, but my average score for the practice is always better than the score of the actual test. Average AHSME/AMC12 score: about 130 2005 AMC12 score: 100.5 Average AIME score: about 10-12 2005 AIME score: 7 And this isn't a math comptetition, but Practice ACT score = 28 Real ACT score = 27
  13. Nope. Lynx is a text-only browser.
  14. It looks better in Lynx. Since it doesn't format tables like a graphical web browser, the non-lo-fi version is extremely messy and hard to navigate, but the lo-fi version is much cleaner.
  15. It would be nice if we could post in the lo-fi mode. Lo-fi mode looks much nicer in Lynx than regular mode.
  16. @DarkAngelBGE: Yes, I've been learning to program for a while ago. The problem is is that everything that I need has already been made by somebody already... @EKen132: I already took the ACT... I got a 27 I got stuck on the first reading passage And I don't play violin.
  17. I'm not saying Spring Break is boring. I'm just saying that I'm bored. I'm bored every day throughout school anyway.
  18. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. What do I do? I'm off of school this week and I have absolutely nothing to do. I've spent the past hours refreshing Slashdot and checking my email, but that got boring really quick.
  19. Cool! Submit it to Amazon or something so that more people actually see it.
  20. Mathematica is refusing to give an answer lol.
  21. You're missing a few important books in your bookshelf there, namely "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "the Art of Problem Solving", "The Art and Craft of Problem Solving", "Problem Solving Strategies", and some other math books...
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