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  1. Can I say here savely that I hated that game from the moment I saw the logo? Serously I have been crying for an hour about what they have done to our all beloved game serie. The complete reputation of AoE f***** up with this childish BS. well they did their best to make a new graphics engine system. sadly they did it for the wrong concept. they could have done soo much better with just simply make AoM 2 or AoE 4. They won't ever be able to compute even the littlest bit with Starcraft 2. I think this is one worse way of promoting your future games as starting game studio.
  2. hey guys check this: http://i326.photobucket.com/albums/k413/EmjeR/scaffold.png
  3. On behalf of the development team, I want to wish you all a very happy 2010. I want to enter this new year with a fresh january screenshot Our hero friends of the ancient world has decided to lay down their weapons and gather all in the northern highlands to wish you all a very happy new year.
  4. A new monthly screenshot. It shows some of the new Celtic buildings. Please enjoy
  5. nah let them talk... they are just unpatient...
  6. maybe you have web skills, you can make rebuilding the website
  7. btw it looks complete... the art part is indeed about a 80% (just a guess) but it's the code behind the game wich need the most work!
  8. hmmmm is this about normal biking or "high-speed" biking?? i always bike to school, a minute or 20, and i never wear a helmet while it's always quite busy on dutch ways.... i never "high-speed" biked, but every one i see doing it is wearing a helmet. i hit a car once, but that was cuz i was biking on the sidewalk and didn't see the car coming... i only bumbed of their bumber but i could click it back at once.
  9. can someone explain me why this should be??? i don't know very much about Ελλάδα at the time of the Romans my knowledge is limited to the time of the trojan, persian and poleponnesian wars. at that time Epiros was not much diffrent with the rest of the poli. the where not of much importance in the first to major wars but in the poleponnesian war they just joined the athenian alliance expect some smaller cities who choose for sparta... hmmm i don't know how much you read about this game, but phillip and alexander are just part of the hellenes faction together with their palagnites and cavalry....
  10. some one is already working on this job
  11. hmm maybe we dutch guy made too much jokes about belguim... belgians are THE dumb guy's in 50% of all jokes in the netherlands but actually there is nothing wrong with belguim. besides there bad infrastructure comared to the rest on the west european countries Brussel is the base of the European Union! they had some very important actions to defend our little Republic of the Seven United Netherlands we owe you our nation!
  12. My dream is a holographical strategy game! then is my pc life complete!! they only won battles by the amazing big stupid mistakes of xerxes as did the poleponnesians against athens Athens should have won that war
  13. if you wanna get the real meaning of 300 you should look "meet the spartans" i would say that 300 is a missmaking of the sarcastic comedy Meet the spartans!!! Meet the spartans rocks
  14. you guys don't have to forget that more than the half of the persian empire army is not of persian race!! there where a lot of Assyrians (wich was the empire before that of babylon), there where a lot of Judes who where banned to persian.. Egyptians where also under command of the persian and the height of the persian empire. Phoenicans where very important on sea!! and the Medes of course.. Libians, phrygians, all this different cultures trained their soldiers at their own usual way! so you cannot easily sea that perisans are this or that... but i do believe that the guys from the persian race where very good horsemen and bowmen the greeks always saw the bow as a minor weapon. the spear/javelin was thé range weapons of the time, as the greeks say. but persians where masters in bow. especialy mounted bow. but the average persian unit was indeed lighter than the greeks, romans or carthaginians. i think as light as the egyptians. but light never will mean weak!! look to the peltasts. one greek leather, connot remember his name, defeated a meaning phalanx with a peltast army. while peltasts are very light and nearly armoured! btw fzerorubigd (can you tell how to speak this out??) are there any good works of any persian history writer from the ancient times???? i'm reading Thucydides and Herodotus now. but i realy wanna read something of another perspective about another place
  15. hmmm i'm working on it. but now there's nothing related to it. btw archer and infantry units will be visible on deck. so sea battles are nice to on a map with a lot of sea!
  16. unit's will just be able to garrison a battle ship so all ships are battle ship as well as a transport ship!
  17. there where no Turks at that time! you had Ionians at the west of Turkey, wich was called Asia at that time. and the assyrians on the left. the assyrians where under the control of the persians you should tell them that there is a persian empire in the game, wich has a close relation to the easters people now.
  18. can you make this more clear?? i don't get what effect it has ingame... does it mean that one unit can fight 2 at the time??
  19. it realy depends on what kind of infantry! (I'm only talking about infantry) for, lets say, celt soldiers with axes or two handed swords... i'll realy choose for 10.000 weak soldiers. since even one hero could not hold 10 axes on his head! for the greek hoplites i'll choose for 1.000 strong! since the phalanx formation is a very close and strong formation, but once the line is broken there is a change of 80% for the broken phalanx to be defeated! so 1.000 well trained soldiers could easily break the line of the noobs and then the noobs will be slaughterd or they'll run away! in short: if there are no formations, it's realy 1 against 10. but when there is order and formation and a good leader, it IS 1.000 to 10.000. and if the bad guys don't use formations or don't follow their orders it's 1.000 against 1 i also realy agree with buggy's idea about mentality!
  20. i think there will be a random faction in there... but i'm sure there will be som code that looks if the ship is hit in the front or in the middle. a ship hit in the middle at maximum speed will certainly sink at once! what is your source about the shields?? the only thing i know is that they just used the shields as defence of the guys on the deck or the rowers. masts can't be damaged because the will be laid down in battle. i'm not sure about repairing but i think they will be repaired automaticly when there is any normal soldier aboard. since all infantry can build and repair. And a ship that will be repaired when it's near the harbour isn't a bad idea either. not sure about that. i'm even not sure how the did in history. in the book of Thucydides about the poleponnesian war, I read about a sea battle between Corcyra and Corinth. the Corinth fleet had 150 triremes manned with hoplites, archers and javelin throwers. The Corcyrians had 110 triremes of themselfs and a support of 10 athenian ships also they had about 1000 hoplites, a lot of archer and javelinman aboard. they charged at a very close formation, so it was hard to ram another ship at the required speed. they ended up as a mess of ships layed next to each other and there was only men to men fight. Thucydides called it a land battle on sea. this gives the feeling that hoplites and other man where just able to walk or climb to other ships without entering anchers or planks. btw for who's intrested: both sides claimed the victory after the battle. Corinth because they defeated the most enemey ships. and Corcyra because the got the Corithians on flight and they ruined their base camp at land. the last event was mainly because the Corinthians saw thirthy new athenian ships at the horizon, comming to support the Corcyrians. since the Corinthians where afraid of athenain ships, cuz the athenians where ways better in seafarring, they fell back and went home.
  21. i think they will be faster as running human but slower than a running horse
  22. a year ago, i wasn't at the team yet, i was very active here. but i got other jobs to do so i forget to post here
  23. we are still thinking about that... it would be nice as infantry units realy enter the enemey ship, but also hard to code. archers ofcourse stays at their ship i hope we can make units walk on the deck and not just stand at a solid stand... if you don't garrison men, the ship will still be able to move and ram.
  24. vista premium still have the plan to install ubuntu .....
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