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  1. just as they won they burn the bodies. it's a honor for they killed soldiers.
  2. lol u got ideas and u don't now how they work. think about that if u got idea.
  3. I don't get how u want to do this! do u mean that the figure dissapear if he's close the the edge? like a sort of falling from the world with all games (rgp, fps and rts) u figures stp if they reach the edge. thats normal
  4. you have to remember that this is a RTS game and not a RPG with levels and this game is based on the idea of the most rpg's like AoE, AoK, AoM, command and conquers etc... and now a big part of the programming of the basic gameplay is gone, and if u want to change it u have to change almost the whole basic game, also for the multiplayer part. u have to make an other gameplay and i don't think that people like it if the myltiplayer is so much else as the single player. maybe it's an idea for the second release part...
  5. yes ur right and there cant be to much commands in the game cuz then it takes very long for new players to became good and you loose your overview and structure and that decrease the strenght of ur strategy
  6. about that bridge is what i said before but you have to remember that the roman time is in the second release part of the game
  7. i think its better that u can give commands to them but nothing else, u cant delete them and the other can take them back when he wants and he also has to give u access to use his troops so you cant go to an village and own all his people and then set his deplomacy to enemey and kill him with his own units this would ofcourse only be possible in the multiplayer mode i have an other question would it be possible that u can give ally AI computer players commands of attacking to a specefic place, falling back, save u out of an ugly situationor fall the enemey in the back or focus on development of infantry/cavalery/naval/villies or gathering resources or build specific buildings or defences??? (like what was the plan of AoK, wich never realy works)
  8. srry but i meant with one second that it happend imediatly I think 2 or 3 seconds is enough
  9. ye your right but it's realy unreal if it goes the full speed in one second! and but what do u find of a rowboat for a few people, it could be usefull for scenario's!
  10. yeah ur right cuz people in that time where very notinalistic. u fight for ur land or fun but almost never for money (wich is changed in the middle ages, where people get hired to fight)
  11. want to see a ship cuz there is no screen with a schip
  12. oh you mean that a new farm automaticly became build and cost no extra wood? thats also what i said before @ plumo - tip for aoe2: if u didnt know but you can make a serval farms in your mill so the villies make automaticly a new one til the fram"stock" is out
  13. only fire arrows can set ships in fire. I suggest this system: Ships cost very much population (cuz all the slaves who row the ships) sailing boats are not the fasted units in the game, something faster then infantery(depend on the size)but much slower then infantry they sail not in one time their full speed but it has to "accelerate" triremes cant rotate fast (what i hate in aom/aok/aoe) there also are fishing ships and small transport ships who are more flexible in steering I find there must be rowboats for one to 4 people (those are of course very slow and weak) garrison what mythos ruler said before was very good so there can be upto 40 poulation in the triremes and in small transportships upto 20(and no siege) people who are garrisoned are visible on the decks unless u have a roofed ship fighting a normal ship cant fight! only if there are units garrisoned inside also fishing ships can contain a archer or javelin thrower achers an javelin throwers can shoot arrows to other ships to kill the people on the deck. there has to be an upgrade for ships so they has fire baskets inside an then they can shoot fire arrows and burn the other ships down. transport ships can also fight if there are people inside ramming a trireme can only ram one time in into an other boat the damage is ramdom: the other ship sinks or is only heavy damaged if there are people on the other decks most of them fall into the water entering a other ship can also be entered! this is only possible if theres infantry inside there are special ships(i cant remeber the name) who has long planks wich can be put on other ships so soldiers can run over and enter the ship. if all people garrisoned in a ship are killed the ship becames yours you can also steel a ship if it is on the beach
  14. please read this whole text 1 I think there are enough resources near the drop-off building! not like aom where u have a stack of stone and gold ore that only have 6000 gold resourses and thats it. and then you have to cross the whole map for find an other mine. and i think wood give also much more resoureses i don't know if they grow up after the are cut, like in Knight and Merchants. 2 i don't hope. i like it if they have to sow the lands again afther a harvest (like in K&M) cuz thats more realistic. i think this is a real system: some villies sow on a large field and after a minute of five they can harvest the it. and in that five minutes they have to wait they can do other things(the men can fight and the women can cut wood or something). and of course they can carry much more food and the fields can give a lot of it 3 yeah thats a good idea. it would be awesome 4 i find the aom system very good that cattle is of a player but other players can stole it, cuz why should you hill the cattle if you can use it by your own. and it must be possible that wild animals like wolfs and lions can kill ur cattle. I suggest this system: if u have cattle u need to make a range of fences to defend it from wild animals. other players can damage the fences and if they are close the cattle becames his. but only if ur people are ca 100m or more away. if u see the other people steel ur cattle u can directly get it back cuz the enemey is to close so u have to kill them. than u can take ur cattle back and repair the fences. but u can only give "orders" to ur cattle if there is a people of u in the 100m area around. that 100m can also be 50m or an other distance
  15. in aok female villagers are handling slower but thats only the animation, the gathering is the same speed as the male for example females chop less fast then males, cuz the has more effort to rise their axe
  16. yeah right that's what i said cuz in stronghold 2 its the same
  17. bur what about my plan upside? it has to be possible to walk on the walls!
  18. it's realy strange that dead bodies stick out on a hill. this must be fixed! if a dead body lay on a side on a hill it sticks out, like they put it in the ground and can walk over it.
  19. ok but i wanna see a massive phalanx wich shows the power of the hellenes
  20. I would like to see a greek phalnax with 8 rows of 80 spartans staying in formation.
  21. I realy wanna see a greek phalnax with 80 rows of 800 spartans staying in formation
  22. that u get points for things like in AoK. population, resources, buildings or kills.
  23. yeah sure. but is there a point system in the game?
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