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  1. I'm fine with a mug or shirt we can't see that but it's things like upgrades like what @thankforpie had said that I believe is not good but I still think we should just leave it alone, ever heard of if ain't broke don't fix it?
  2. I think wfg has built an amazing game, but adding monetization where will it end I'd probably stop playing cause well you would see ads all the time and I don't think that monetized game are played as often and then there are those of us who have no money to buy these things and would be jealous of those who had them and would most likely stop playing. So I say leave it alone.
  3. @wowgetoffyourcellphone That is a great idea and is interesting, like if you go into atlas there is Roman units that are simply not trainable the actual game like the centurion which during the occupation of Israel by Rome was the leader of 100 soldiers. Like with citizen soldiers you could have ranks with the champions maybe with a limit to how many can rank up as your population grows. As to flagship some civs already have that like the ptolemies' Juggernaut or the Iberian Fire Ship. And for admirals the Athenians have marines maybe we could add a type of marine for all civs and have one or a few at a time that can rank up to admiral in relation to either your naval size or your population. As to your comment @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded I agree with you on carthage.
  4. I have realized some of you might need a xml file instead or with the xmb file so here is an xml file and a pmp. Sporades Islands Update.xml Sporades Islands Update.pmp
  5. And the Romans have no naval hero when they were one of the greatest naval empires up unto the crusades began in 1091 AD, that should be updated too.
  6. I reduced max gatherers to 4. Since you have to overlap the quarried objects, the pathing can really only allow about 4 units to gather from the individual blocks without lots of bad bumping into each other and shuttling glitches. These are starting to look really nice. For cliff ones, I wish they were taller/extended further downward. It would also be nice if every hill could be mined into as in like having a mine entrance or something as a build able structure in like Village or Town Phase.
  7. The instructions might not work for some OS, I use linux(fedora) and that is what I based the instructions off of. If you do download it and the instructions don't work but you figure it out please leave your OS and how u made it work.
  8. I found a solution for all linux users there is a how-to at, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_debug_Wayland_problems Hope this helps in the future.
  9. I have edited some maps, this one is a play on Sporades Islands, download it and reply if you all like it. Sporades Islands Update.xml.7b89f62b1f016a6b.xmb I recommend moving your new file to the ".cache" file then "0AD" inside of that then to the "user" then "maps" then "skirmishes " and leave it in there. Hope you like it!
  10. This looks really cool I like it, though the claiming of mines, that is an interesting idea...
  11. So basically I will lose my rating but will be able to re register as JamesWright?
  12. Password Incorrect but I am almost certain it is the right password.
  13. To the multiplayer lobby. Is it possible for you to send me an e-mail with the password? Just to be sure I have the right one?
  14. I can't Log In any more I logged out and password went away and my password is not working Please Help. Account is; JamesWright
  15. This looks like a good mod can't wait for it to be ready!!!
  16. Here is another quitter.Name is BMW2041. Don't know why he was most likely gonna win but he closed without resigning. commands.txt
  17. borg- Duplicarius Community Members 219 209 posts Report post Posted Monday at 08:45 PM Exactly!!! Quote That just sounds stupid. Say if I hated @borg- could just say bad things about him and it affects his rating.
  18. here is another 1v1 quitter. Name is dakeyras. commands.txt metadata.json
  19. Where do I find out what wxWidget I'm running?
  20. Here is another 1v1 quitter. Name is zezo. commands.txt metadata.json
  21. If possible send him my way if not I'll find him. Thank you guys so much you helped a lot, it is impressive to me that three of you responded, thanks for all you've done for me and developing such a great game.
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