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  1. ok... but I don't starting this but you are correct. no more aggressions.
  2. learning is important. I learn many things from you both Genava55 and Sundiata.
  3. isn't bad as conceptual. but is fan art. but sometimes is real basic concept.
  4. uhh... what interesting coincidence same reaction. to servo comment. that game wuold be realistic in many things but... I can't see historical immersion like 0 A.D. but isn't overly realistic battle as TW.
  5. 0 A.D is more classical base building. this in other hand is called survival. in middle of both is Stronghold. in other side is city skylines or Jurassic World Evolution and management games like Theme Hospital ...etc. more close of 0 A.D is Starcraft and then MoBA like LoL but in other side are Total War gaming.
  6. do you have a video where I can corroborate this for myself? I don't see those big battles. unless they are promises.....
  7. Dawn of man isn't a RTS. is a city builder with other mechanics. https://steamcommunity.com/app/858810
  8. not all are programmers , or artist other are simply linguist or historian experts.
  9. When you are an artist or an actor, you must be open to criticism, even if it is rude and believe me it hurts, but form patience and humility. See how benevolently others treat you, sympathizing with your actions. I shouldn't insult you and not because you think you are a being without blemish. or a great master of the arts. but because I am not being mature. but as a professional that you say you are, you should give more quotes, sources and be open and object with discernment, conviction, arguments and gentleness. I was only enraged by your treatment of these people who know me little.
  10. I forgot this , sorry. some time my time my busy time, disturbs my mind, but I'm trying to help you, from my heart, not from my banal knowledge. but isn't a waste.
  11. i love your overwhelming "my" in mostly of your speech. take it easy, Graecum boy
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