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  1. Hmmm, while I'd most definately say that everyone on the team is very talented I'm sure that everyone have learned a lot from the others and the time on the team. No one can be professional the first day they try to do something. Perhaps you don't know much now, but you can always learn enough to get started and then get a part of the team and learn even more. (Now that involves a lot of learning, which may sound hard/boring/not interesting at all, but it is ) As have been hinted at before we're planning on ways to get the community more involved in helping us make the game, and also providin
  2. I'm fairly sure what Aeros is trying to say is that you know how to contact us if you can be of any help
  3. How much is the game finished? Well, there are others who can/have given good estimates on that question, but one thing I do now is that you don't want to play the game yet. You might think you want to, but if you'd try and play it for a while you'd just get disappointed as it's not finished yet. For a while it's marvelous to see it in all it's glory, but when you look closer/encounter a bug you realize that there are things to do before it's finished, and while things are progressing there is no real way to know dates etc. Not only is it hard to know when people will have time (or when new pe
  4. Thanks for your notice. We're aware of the problem, but are thinking about starting to use the forums instead, which is the reason why this haven't been prioritized. More info on that is to come though...
  5. Welcome to the forums! Hope you'll like it and stay with us
  6. Welcome! And to clarify that last thing, it's not really the kick-off of 0 A.D. we're waiting for, that would have been some years ago when the first steps were taken. What these forums are waiting for is .................. Hmm, not sure, but I'm certain there's gonna be a lot more life here when the game's released, it's gonna take some time 'til we get there. (After all we're "but" hobbyists and when you think of the actual time spent programming etc I don't think we've spent that much time. I read somewhere that a commercial game takes about 2,5 years to complete, I'm sure that number varie
  7. Or perhaps that's just what you are You might need this more than you know Maybe you're not so good at finding what you were looking for though (But then again, what's life without surprises )
  8. feneur


    That was funny A kind of an inside joke for all who are at least remotely interested in history (And well, that should be everyone in this community AFAIK) But somehow it occures to me that that isn't exactly what he meant by personality
  9. Of course you can make some banners, and as I said before we can't really stop you, nor do I think we would if we could (am I getting repetitive or what ) but on the other I'm not sure about our view on you using official 0 A.D. images in your sigs. As long as they're used to promote 0 A.D. and you don't claim that you've made them I can't see why we would not "allow you" to do so however. I'm not 100% sure about this though, so if you want to be on the safe side I suggest you ask nicely
  10. First, while I'm not familiar with TWC I'm fairly sure there is a big difference, a difference which really affects the amount of activity there related to the activity here: There are games to play and while there is a game in development here that's only enough to draw a small amount of interest. We're of course glad to have you here, and without your interest our work would sure be less inspiring, but we're not really surprised that we don't generate the same buzz as one/several already finished games. Second, while we can't stop you (and I can't see why we would even if we could) from "get
  11. "Made the sky blue" That sounds like quite an accomplishment. (Why don't we take and paint the sky blue, if me can make a game we can do anything ) A bit more serious note though: It's sure interesting to see from where we're coming, the project has sure come a long way, though we're obviously not done yet.
  12. Ok, good to hear that ( And when it comes to making cartoons I would recommend you to check out Inkscape ( http://www.inkscape.org ) )
  13. Funny stuff Keep them coming ( I hope I didn't sound to mean or something, if that's the case then I'm sorry since it was just meant as a fact We like that you're interested though, so don't let any dead ends stop you ) (And when it comes to software there are many good and free graphics programs, so don't let any don't-have-Photoshop feelings stop you, or something )
  14. Well, you'll know when the time has come. Right now you'll have to wait though.
  15. I'll have to agree, this is really funny, in some strange way
  16. And you'll of course be able to make your own scenarios and campaigns, and then everything is possbible (Ok, perhaps not *everything*, but depending on time and effort spent most things should be possible )
  17. Great to see another history article. Always great to get a chance to learn more about this interesting period of time :-)
  18. Though that does of course not mean that we don't want to have any fans at all at this point More that we don't have that much to give them/you just yet. (Though there are enough things on this site to keep anyone occupied for a long time, esp. the History articles :) )
  19. The first time I learned about 0 A.D. was some years ago checking the Age of Kings Heaven's web site and hearing about the Rome at War mod, I don't remember exactly but I think I learned about 0 A.D. on the WFG web site. Then I didn't think about it much for some years, checking back every once in a while, until some weeks ago when I decided to see what had happened since my last visit to the site I was impressed with what I saw and decided that I would like to help and checked the Job Openings on the main page. Finding a job I thought would be interesting I applied and here I am
  20. You scored as Augustus. You are Augustus! First emperor of the Romans and one of the greatest statesmen in the ancient world. You brilliantly eased the old Republic into the Principate and set the path for an empire that would last for centuries and form the underpinnings for all western civilization. Hail Caesar! Augustus 89% Antoninus Pius 79% Hadrian 71% Tiberius 68% Claudius 68% Marcus Aurelius 57% Nerva 50% Trajan 46% Nero 39% Domitian 36% Vitellius 32% Vespasian 32% Commodus 21% Caligula 21%
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