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  1. 10 minutes ago, Genava55 said:

    The most civilized of all these nations are they who inhabit Kent, which is entirely a maritime district, nor do they differ much from the Gallic customs. Most of the inland inhabitants do not sow corn, but live on milk and flesh, and are clad with skins. All the Britons, indeed, dye themselves with wood, which occasions a bluish color, and thereby have a more terrible appearance in fight. They wear their hair long, and have every part of their body shaved except their head and upper lip.

    Yes, this is the text he reads in the podcast.

  2. 5 hours ago, azayrahmad said:

    If you use Spotify, it's available here. Honestly it's the music that made me fall in love with 0 A.D, before graphics and mods.

    I can say the same about AoE2. I think all games I really liked and remember have killer soundtracks. My favorite in 0AD is "Eastern Dreams".

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