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  1. @ssorbom this map is still incomplete ahah XD
  2. Ehy Guys, i'm building another europe map, but this time: "Giant Europe Map" , I've completed the North-African Continent and about in 1 week I think that I can finish this map.
  3. Will there be legionaries in the next alpha?
  4. I've noticed things that you could improve: Roman's eagle is flat. These statues are flat Can you try to improve?
  5. @avensis thx i just change some small defects in the map.
  6. I have a question : can you create kill animation ? Lasting a few seconds, a bit like when there is the promotion of soldier in battle. Ps. I don't know anything about computer codes, mine is a pure question.
  7. Ho fatto un'altra mappa, ma questa volta è una mappa scaramuccia, questa mappa è una mappa continentale con molti biomi e con 6 giocatori. Questa mappa è totalmente inventata. Great Island.xml Great Island.pmp
  8. Woow! Hoplite's texture is magnificent!
  9. Ehy guys, i was on vacation, the corrects files are the seconds! I correct old files
  10. Here it is Asian Campaign.xml Asian Campaign.pmp
  11. updating map: -Gibraltar now is navigable - Iberians disempowerment - Revision of Carthaginians Iberia Europe V.pmp Europe V.xml
  12. I will try to fix and translate the description into English Thx for the information
  13. @coworotel Ok, If you can also the European Map.
  14. I created a new map, this map is focused on the successor kingdoms of Asia, as I have already created on Europe is a mini-campaign. If you want you can download it from here. Asian Campaign.xml Asian Campaign.pmp
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