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  1. This is the final model, but i think i should do that too, make the size of the roofs uv's the same. Note: i managed to add animated oars from the snekkja to the drakkar @stanislas69
  2. i think this is good enough, not so tall, not so short, and imposing inside a fortress, like a real Ivar the boneless great hall
  3. only need to fix the Uv's and done. but i'm thinking on lowering a bit the upper roof
  4. I'm looking what i can do with the actual model making it a bit tall so we keep the actual model but improved so its more like the center of the nordic village, the shelter of the Jarl's.
  5. Idk if its needed but i always thinked the nordics lack's the essence of architecture they have, about the longhouses as it is on the trelleborg fort, so if its needed i can try make it similar for a new Civic center of the faction.
  6. Model done, textures from CC + Snekkja
  7. Done the Drakkar, the textures (For test in the meantime) i used are from CC link @Lion.Kanzen posted
  8. Nearly done with the drakkar, only have to adapt the uv's and make some adjustments (Mabe it should be called busse or skeid) (Nevermind i forgot if it had dragon head mastif, then it will be called "Drakkar")
  9. I saw the posts abouts the license earlyer but i fall asleep, and now i have started working on the drakkar modeling from the "viking_longhsip.dae" file, this is what i have made yet. i will be adding seats, shields, and a bit decoration.
  10. https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/918078 Models and textures from this site, it has "Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses" so it can be used on games. About the comparison size (Trireme left - Viking ship middle - Quinquireme right) And about the slope walls, if the slope is outside the walls is because the wall itself have been placed wrong. If a garrisoned unit leavese the garrison on the wall it will be droped outside the walls right to the enemy, but if the slope is inside the walls it will be droped in the safe place. And about the walls textures i edited
  11. Aunque implementando el sistema de mejoras (Outpost > Wood Tower) podria implementarse con esta facción usando ambos modelos, el anterior como la primera fase, y si se desea mejorar con una tecnologia, se emplea el diseño que publique de manera que se vea mas fortificada.
  12. Y listo, probado ingame y no esta nada mal. respecto a las piedras y arbustos alrededor, podrian colocarse en modo "props" asi no se sobrecarga el mesh
  13. Dividirlo de esta manera, y agregar la empalizada que esta en arriba en los bordes
  14. Offtopic: (Gracias, todos estamos luchando en las calles para derrocar este régimen) Podria dividir la seccion lateral y frontal de la muralla en dos mitades, de manera que pueda agregarle otra Face y colocarle ahi textura de grama o monticulos de tierra
  15. Subire aqui una carpeta con los archivos necesarios para los modelos con texturas, pero no estoy seguro de que esten completos, en cualquier caso estoy al tanto. Respecto a los francos y sajones, dadas su civilizaciones cristianas y su ubicación geografica a comparacion con los nordicos su arquitectura destacaba mas en piedra que en madera, por lo tanto e estado buscando unos modelos de murallas de piedra, o tal vez use los mismos modelos de 0 ad nativo pero retexturados en piedra gris con blanca, y darles un modelo menos diagonal y mas recto. lo que si consegui en un modelo gratis fueron un
  16. Ok i think this is good enough for match the proper civilization and wall's geometry
  17. Si, soy de Venezuela, respecto al ariete puede pasar perfectamente pero del elefante hare una prueba mientras intento mejorar el modelo de torre.
  18. I think this would work as gate for the nordic wall i was following the pictures of a "Trelleborg" I made the gate using the "Celt Gate" asset and "Hellenes Door" the mesh works as prop file so if anyone can make a better door its good to know. it will be more easy making just the door
  19. i have been looking for free 3D models to try to make it look a bit better and i have found some axes and shields but the most important one i found a longboat wich is realy great and i have adapted it to the size of 0 ad and now its looks good but i have no idea how to make it have oars and how to animate them, and i have included a sail deployed when its moving. here i leave a size comparation image of the ship.
  20. then i guess its okay, btw tried adding the visible garrison to the whole ships and theres an error message because of defense petra_ai
  21. here it seems that attacking building only trigger ranged mode, and attacking humans use mele mode only also i did the Visible garrison on boats only that you have to modify Healthbonus to get a bit regen rate or the enemy archers will kill the visible garrison units so it will be like health regeneration depending on the type of defense for ex: on thowers archers or swordman garrisoned have walls to protect thems so it could be 3 health each sec so it will posibly to be killed by enemy archers but at the same time it will survive a bit on the outpost and for ships they don't have any defense
  22. Today i figured out how to make units visible on garrison hahaha so i will be trying my best to add to ships and some structures.
  23. I guess the animation in the meantime could be the same as javelins, and at the moment didn't tried modifying the animation yet. Or for flaming arrows use the "props/units/weapons/arrow_front_flame.xml" instead of normal arrow.
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