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  1. Thanks for organizing stuff, niektb, this topic was indeed getting too confuse. As for one of the heroes, I suggest Miyamoto Musashi. He hadn't much historical importance, but there is not a Japanese that doesen't know about him. He was a masterless samurai that lived in the beggining of the Edo Period, whose bravery and abilities with the sword had no paragon at the time. He also was the inventor of Niten-ryū style, that employed two swords at fighting. Check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi If anyone likes manga, the comic Vagabond is worth trying (based in the book "Musashi", by Eiji Yoshikawa). My idea is that the hero would be one of the strongest unities in the game, and capable of batteling multiple enemies at once.
  2. It's exactly what I imagined!Thanks for modeling it. I'd just make the small building a little bigger (I hate asking for much, sorry).As for the usage, it would be a unique building, since it concentrates in training hand to hand infantry and ronin samurai (maybe after tech research you could also hire mercenaries there). I think the castle would be the closest to the barracks. Just an idea, what if the units trained at the dojo ( and maybe some units form the Chinese faction) had the special power of disarming a determinate unit they're fighting against? So the disarmed unit would have very inferior attack.
  3. To me is ok doing these concepts, I just fear that I'm giving you too much work. I don't wanna load anybody with tasks
  4. I'm the one who has to thank you!The model looks great, I'd just place the cabins a little more regulary, but it's fine
  5. I'll make a sketch of the outpost then. Here are the Heian homes (the round logs aren't red as in the civ center or temples, it's just "raw" wood). I see this civilization's architecture style will be very discrepant, in one side we'll have more "indigenous" Japanese buildings, in the other one, the Chinese-influenced structures. You think it's better to equalize or maintain the differences?
  6. Hephaestion, it looks great! It's just as I imagined it, I just think the entrance would look better at the middle, but I liked the model a lot . As for the fort, we can use the Castle, wich would be a very versatile building, able to train cavalry, lancers (mounted and infantry), archers and heroes. The dojo is something as a "elite barracks" for swordsmen and fast hand-to-hand fighters.
  7. Here's the guard tower, inspired by the towers of the Castle in the Corner (Soryuro). The upper roof needs to be a little enlarged. I can't find any examples of fortifications, though. Thanks for the tip, the concept for the CC was actually taken from a palace in Kyoto. I didn't want it to be just a big hall, so I added the lanterns and the tree ( this later one to give it a more Japanese "feel", in contrast with the Chinese symetry).
  8. I was thinking the same as you, but since those Chinese-style structures were moslty enclosured within walls, a civic center inspired by a palace would look too big ( I even thought about making such a building with gates and all). But the Heian Soryuro looks great as a starting point, you can see it starts to differ from Tang architecture and assuming a more regional tone.
  9. I agree with Hephaestion regarding the Japanese, Yamato and Aska periods weren't relevant enough to be featured. The Russians, on the other hand, can't be left from part two, since they later became one of the most powerful empires. I'd be glad to come up with concepts for Rus.
  10. I think we'd better divide the Japanese in 2 factions only, the first one ranging from Nara Period to the end of Kamakura, the later from Muromachi Period to the first years of Edo Period (this is actually the Medieval Japan, not for the time gap, obviously, but for the dynamics, wich were very similar to Medieval Europe). I'll soon submit some concepts for part I. Should I re-post the ones from part 2 as well?
  11. I like the idea of adding a floor due to tech research. Yes, those are the sliding doors (windows are rare in traditional Japanese architecture), which actually work also similary to windows, since they allow clarity to pass. Hmm, straw roof... Actually straw roof have been used through all the periods, even for temples and palaces, but the fact it's a tile roof gives the building a more respectable and "official" aspect. It's best to use different kinds of coverings for buildings. See how they vary:
  12. Main building of the Dojo. I'm thinking about reducing it to one floor only.
  13. Ayakashi, great drawing, as always! I hope to see more of those. Do you plan making the houses thouse quadrangular structures with courtyards ?
  14. Stan, it looks pretty cool! Thanks for modeling it
  15. Some more. Those warriors from old Japan are much cooler than I expected. 001.bmp 002.bmp
  16. Loki, I'm not sure what spammers you are talking about, lol. Here are the warriors, it's from Anthony Bryant's "Early Samurai".
  17. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Niektb, I tried to keep the style of the longhouse so it woudn't look so "alien", nice to know you like it . Is there a consensus on what buildings will be on the Vikings construction list?
  18. Thanks, Ayakashi, I am very interested in soldiers of pre-Samurai Era, so to speak. I reverse searched the images and found a very valuable source for units for part 1 http://www.chinahistoryforum.com/topic/6465-ancient-japanese/page-5 Still wanted to know where those drawings are from.
  19. Of course! I'll still work on part 1, even though I want to follow your suggestion and develop a mod, that is, if I can find some help. Buildings like the castle would change drastically, but the civ center can be maintaned.
  20. Folks, here is a concept for the docks ( I still don't know why all my drawings get this trembled look when digitalized in my scanner). Some perspective mistakes, but I hope you like it:
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