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  1. We can make a gate of one wall only, if you prefer. I strongly think we should replace the palisades, I'm almost sure the Chinese didn't use them, plus, a bamboo palisade would be of no use ( if even log palisades are weak, just imagine troops banging aginst thin bamboo). Just like you made a 100% Chinese outpost, distinguished from the default one, I think we sould have a unique "inferior wall" ( not a palisade) made of bricks, to give an even more unique flavor to this civilization, not to mention this kind of wall has always been common in China. I totally agree Millenium got somewhat left behind. I can gladly do Germanic and also Arab buildings for Millenium . I must say that I'm a fan of your work and you've been exceeding yourself with RotE. When Millenium Part II begins, would you join Radagast in the making of the Japanese builds? I'm confident that the builds would come out marvelously in you guys hands Oh, and some reference for the walls and gates.
  2. I can make more elaborate sketches based on the one I just did. Are you interested?
  3. Stan, since you've been so productive lately I thought I could stuff you with some more work lol. The current palisades look wierd, I suggest we replace them by some sort of lower and weaker wall, more or less like this one:
  4. Is this bridge just eyecandy or can it be built on rivers?
  5. They had indeed tiles, but I think it was only further in their development. I got a sugestion, how about we change the roof texture every stage, so they player gets a sensation he's evolving on time? We could start off with turf roof on stage one (all Icelandic constructions by that time had turf covering), move to straw in stage two and finally adopting tiles in the final stage? Something like in AoE. Just something quick thatt came to my mind: how about making two Viking factions, later on, like 0AD has two celtic factions? They'd be Icelandic Vikings and Scandinavian Vilings.
  6. I like the green but blue looks defnately better, plus it's more historically accurate.
  7. Sorry for posting a lot. Ayakashi posted this character and it seems to be more apropriate, since it's in old-style caligraphy.
  8. Guys, I think all roofs should have only straw covering, and be darker. If I'm not mistaken in the viking age Scandinavians didn't use tiles, or its usage was limited.
  9. The new one is actually simplified Chinese, a form imposed by Mao from the 1950's on. The traditional form is the character in the left, but in Han times the caligraphy was different. http://www.rtega.be/chmn/img/hanzi.svg
  10. Very nice, I'd just change the fence texture to rock, but other than that, it's just how I meant.
  11. Simply awesome, sir . Soldiers on the wall make it even more epic. Btw, are those ponies guarding the entrance?
  12. Thanks Not my best one, please feel free to modify it as needed.
  13. Here it is. Just some notes: 1) The ground is filled with mud and dirt 2) The fence is made of stone 3) That thing near the pigs is supposed to be a bucket
  14. IMHO the walls are looking great the way they are. You're doing a great job in those RotE models.
  15. Yes, I think his roof looks pretty accurate. I'm very glad with the direction RotE is heading
  16. That's wierd, this temple looks Ming to me, but I may be talking shite.
  17. I agree with everything Radagast said . By the way, what about replacing the current roofs with ones that look more Chinese? Sorry if I missed that discussion somewhere.
  18. I'd gladly do it, do you want me to redraw this complex or just use it as an ispiration?
  19. This one looks exactly as I drawn it. Thanks for modeling it
  20. Ain't there gonna be any temple or stone circle?
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