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  1. Here are some references. Most pictures are from a reconstruction in West Stow, England. Houses and halls: Blacksmith: Main Hall (candidate for Civil Center): Artistic reconstructions:
  2. I have found some evidence of pre-Christian ritual houses.
  3. Thanks, Rada! I'm just glad to help.
  4. Blacksmith as by request of Stan:
  5. Niek, here's a map of Moscow's dominions by that time. You raised an interesting question, the Varangians (Swedish Norsemen) founded the Princedom of Kiev in the 8th century, wich was the starting point for the formation of the East Slavonic civilization (by that time they lived in tribes and did not have a unified state). It is also important to notice that by then there was no divison between Russian, Ukrainian and Belorusian peoples, they were all part of Old Rus'. The princedom of Kiev was dominated by Mongols for two centuries, and when the domination was over, Russians and Ukrainians already had each one their own language and identity. The proposed fatcion depicts the "fetus" of Russian empire, the Duchy of Moscow.
  6. The early Muscovite Period marked the starting point of the rise of Russian Civilization. Not European, nor Asian, the Russians are a people unique. Join this glorious civilization, as they break the shackles of Mongolic oppression and march towards the construction of one of the greatest empires to ever exist on earth. MILITARY AND WEAPONRY -Two centuries of Mongol domination weren’t just about submission. The Eastern Slavs learned and incorporated a great deal of the Golden Horde’s combat techniques. Extensive use of cavalry and archery play a big part in this faction’s fighting. Agile archer riders, often having a powerful saber in the reach of their hands are the strong point of the Russian Army. -Long swords, as found in Western European lands, were almost totally surpassed by the Asiatic-style saber, a much cheaper, faster, and easy-to-handle kind of weapon. Long swords are restricted to a few noble champion units. -The crossbow, a lethal artifact imported from the Far East, is one of the aces used by this people. Have a regiment of quick-fire crossbowmen in your army to shoot certain death at your enemy. -Units are cheaper and faster trained than most civilizations’, what eases the possibilities of an early attack. Warriors have, however, weaker armor. ARCHITECTURE -The vast majority of buildings are made of wood, what makes them cheap and fast to build. -Unique structures include the Bath House, where injured units are healed quickly. GENERAL BONUSES -The Orthodox Priest has one of the strongest conversion powers. Update him to Patriarch to enhance conversion power, especially over non-Christian units. -Lumbering rate is the fastest in game. -Train only pigs at corral, which are more nutritious than cattle and also fastest to breed and butch. -Cheap and fastly trained military. - Low use and need of metals. Concepts to follow soon.
  7. Sure thang. I'll draw some models and you decide wich one is best. Extra references (besides the village drawing you posted) would be very welcome . Do you also need barracks, by the way?
  8. I've seen the illustration you posted, Stan, and it made me more inclined to work in the Franks. Please tell if you have any building in mind that you'd like to have a concept.
  9. All of the graphics are looking nice, fellas. I'm looking forward to contribute with more concepts. By the way, besides the Norse and the Franks, what's the next civilization in production line? I sugest the Arabs, they were pretty relevant by the time the game is set in.
  10. I can design some smaller houses for the Vikings.
  11. Niek is right, I think the Normans would be a good addition to Part II. Apart from conquering England they also established colonies in southern Italy.
  12. Stan, I think those pictures you've posted are actually of Norman and not Viking origin.
  13. I agree with Enrique. The roofing on this one is two times taller than the wall. The towers' base, thus all the wall, should be much taller.
  14. I think the temple looks great, I just deslike the player color being displayed on the stairs and on the door. Other than that, I don't think the building needs changing.
  15. Could we see another angle of that, maybe 45 degrees?
  16. What's the new texture? I think the texture you used for the barracks' walls would be great.
  17. I only think we should use a more regular, clean, texture for the stone base of Han buildings, rather than this ruin-looking one used in the CC.
  18. Wierd, are the new models (Stan's fort and Enrique's CC) already in the game? Where can I get the new version? Plese excuse my noobness, I now nothing about computer language and the like.
  19. Rada, as for the bamboo palisades, I think we should instead replace them for an weaker kind of wall, a kind that has been used in all Chinese history. Take a look at this discussion with Stan at the middle of this page: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18953&page=3 just a suggestion, though.
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