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  1. C'mon, folks. You're considering a game without the Chinese? One of the greatest civilizations of all can't be left out. The Tang Dynasty would be a great addition to the game. By the way, the Chinese (Tang) culture was adopted Japan in the 6th century alongst with Buddhism , hence the many similarities with Japanese and Tang Dynasty architecture. Perhaps the early Japanese could be featured themselves.
  2. Thnaks .You're right, there is improvement to be done (for some reason, it looks good on paper, but the scanned image looks crappy!). I'll post some more concepts soon.
  3. Couldn't resist the urge to join in. Here's my take on a fortress.
  4. Just as greenknight32 excelently put, Chinese people usually practice many religions, something called in the West "Chinese Popular Religion". Perhaps the strongest spiritual practice, present throughout the country would be the cult to the ancestors.
  5. I knew about the mod, but I expressed myself poorly. I meant if the Chinese can be added to the "standard" version of the game. Thanks for the answer anyway
  6. Is there a possibility that Hans can make it to the game? I'd love that. Ayakashi, I'm jelly at your drawings! I wish I can reach that kind of abillity someday.
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