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  1. Do you have any recent screens from the newer engine?
  2. Britons I like the Celts and the old civs over there
  3. Windows 98 is really buggy for me too. Might just be that our computer is used too hard.
  4. never did like Sauerkraut but my dad and mom love it.
  5. I am hoping to get a new computer before the end of the year. in the $1500 range
  6. We should have an art contest or something some time.
  7. I will try to get my cd player working or download a no cd program. My cd player just stopped working yesterday.
  8. I am 22 I just got hired as a concept artist for TLA. So I thought i'd make an introduction. I have been around the forums since the early days of TLA off and on. I am interested in History, Movie Making, Art, Tolkien's writings, Computer games. I live in Northern Wisconsin USA.
  9. Oh, I have always liked computers. Someone gave us a C64 we had that awhile. Then got a 486 50mhz (we still use it alot)
  10. The question haunting the world since DOOM. I'll explain why I say no later, after more have voted.
  11. All the girls I know just chat and surf the web. My older sister who lives in the Virgin Islands will play Hearts or something with me online though.
  12. Hey Swellik, register with angelfire for a free webpage and store your pics on there. Then you can post some of them here. I would also like to make movies eventually with my brother.
  13. Alright... hold your breath. I have a no name, P2 400mhz 96mb RAM Voodoo2 graphics card, 8GB HD, 32x cd rom that just stopped working. Yeah, I need a new computer. need some money first though.
  14. And Dell wins!!! But I would choose custom if it was on there.
  15. I don't have a tv hooked up so I don't watch anything except dvds and vhs tapes. I don't care though
  16. #1 Return of the King #2 Matrix Revolutions #3 TTT extended DVD #4 Master Commander the far side of the Earth
  17. When someone wants to schedule a party make a new post so everyone sees it. Don't stick it in here
  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!! good job, welcome to the world of drivers
  19. DSL from centurytel We were actually really lucky to get it because we live out in the country.
  20. I was wondering what everyone is interested in becoming, or what you already do. I am going to become an x-ray technician. I am on a waiting list, and should get in next fall.
  21. Age of Kings or the Conquerers expansion. It would be neat if we could have the winning team win some currency. -Murchad-
  22. don't feel bad if you don't pass, I failed twice once for supposed rolling stops once for not checking my blind spots enough
  23. Very good post, I'll give you some currency for that one.
  24. It's pretty hard to make a personal website with a community unless it is much more than a personal website. if you do artwork, that might attract people. or if you make movies or music, basicly anything that would attract people's interests. Articles on a particular subject. -Murchad-
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