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  1. Yeah I didn't know what he was saying yeah about. I agree but some call it AoC for some reason, and that's where the confusion came in.
  2. I watched quite a few episodes of x-files when I had tv, I liked it. A HL show actually could be pretty good if they did it right.
  3. I probobly wouldn't like it then. I'm not a fan of EE
  4. Oh I didn't see that you are relativly new to this forum, so you wouldn't know if it has been asked.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing it.
  6. I like them best too. I can't play them now because I am living with my family for a bit and amy dad won't allow fps to be played in his house. lol
  7. That game looks cool. There are so many RTS games these days it's hard to keep track of them all.
  8. The Moderators will tell you themselves if you do something wrong won't they?
  9. I am pretty good at Age of Empires. The Conquerers expansion. I was really good at Rise of Rome when I had more time to play. I would love to play some time once I get my computer fixed.
  10. Do you mean Empire Earth and Age of Empires the Conquerers or is AoC an expansion for EE?
  11. For Middle Earth Ages I like the later ages better, I can relate to them more. like the 2nd and 3rd
  12. What is the game called? just plain Empires?
  13. I don't think it was the apple. what is the answer?
  14. why? how old is Phoenix_TheRealDeal
  15. I can't wait until I have the extended version of all 3 on my shelf
  16. With almost 700 posts it seems you have plenty of time to search jk
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