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  1. here Irish, some cash Welcome back SUD.
  2. I haven't played much lately, and the only RTS game I have done recently is AoK:TC
  3. The oldest computer I have owned is a c64
  4. All of our ages are pretty close. and 30 is the oldest so far. Pretty young
  5. Russel Crowe is a Captain of a warship in the 1800's and they are hunting some other ship. I don't really know the whole story. It is based on a Historical Novel
  6. This is too hard. I like the Ancient, Classical Times, Dark Ages, Middle Ages Then I like 1700-1945 I would have to say if I had to make a choice it would be the Middle Ages.
  7. I am wondering how old each person is. there wasn't a posting option on his poll so here's your chance. I am wondering who is the oldest. I am 22
  8. When is Troy coming out? I haven't seen anything on that yet. It has Brad Pitt right?
  9. The end of this year is going to be amazing. The Return of the King Matrix Revolutions Master Commander : The far side of the Earth Wow!!! and HL2 is going to be the best game yet made
  10. my Zone name is Murchad, for when I get my cd player going. I sometimes play hearts and spades too. I have AoM but my computer can't handle it. I played for awhile when I was sharing an appartment with someone who had a good computer.
  11. Not much, in fact why don't you delete it. It seemed funny at the time to do a poll about polls but I was probobly just tired from staying up late yesterday
  12. I like the idea of units speeding up when they close in on enemy units. I think formations should be important. But that units in transition between formations should be vulnerable
  13. I will do that when it is finished.
  14. Thanks. Those who are in TLA project could you comment on the appearance of the orc? Do you like it? or did you picture something else?
  15. I would say that they are many different things. Sometimes someone might see a strange cloud formation. Sometimes it could be government tests. I don't think it is all one thing.
  16. here's a picture I am working on, it's not done.
  17. I think the people who commit these crimes already had violent tendencies, The games may have helped desensitize then but from what I see, the games don't make you violent. I think there is a correlation but not a linkage.
  18. I'm working on a piece now, It'll be done soon. I am mostly a pencil artist, but I also paint watercolor landscapes and do some acrylic painting. And recently I started working with Photoshop, that is what I am doing now. I take a drawing I did and completly go over it in photoshop, basicly a digital painting. most of my concept art will be photoshop and pencil.
  19. well, 5 years is a long time So I am going to say double every year so about 2 TB
  20. Come in again... I am there. lets see if my cd player works. works for some things and not for others
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