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  1. Hey Swellick, I was home schooled all the way through to graduation. Then I went to college and it was so easy most of the time that I would procrastinate. Making a list of what I need to get done really helps. I have a really bad short term memory so I will forget I even made a list sometimes so that doesn't really help all of the time.
  2. I'm an old timer, I have been driving for almost 7 years I just turned 22 last month
  3. I don't really remember, it was when TLA was started. well it wasn't called that yet I don't think. I was probably searching for Middle Earth computer games.
  4. Yeah, but the movie's not out yet I can't wait until Nov. too. I love watching all the behind the scenes and am looking forward to the extra footage
  5. I think it would be neat if we had some sort of game system to use the currency on. For example a card game like poker. dirrectly linked to the forum and you could gamble away your money. I've never been to a real casino or betted real money but I think that would be fun. And we could have contests with entry fees. Drawing contests, Story contest. But ultimately it comes down to what can you do with the currency. (i agree that is the best term) I didn't see it mentioned but I don't think anyone should ever start with any currency otherwise people could register several times and donate them to one account.
  6. Need to update my pc. still on a p2 400mhz with windows 98
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