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  1. I think the phases are too short. You don't need to play long to advance to the next phase. I suggest from phases 1 - 2 you need a certain pop also. Then an increased pop for phases 2 - 3 and a certain amount of techs researched
  2. But if you have a apple mouse, you can't use left and right clicks at same time.
  3. Can we have an updated svn dl with the new sound system please ?
  4. Problenm is, the AI doesn't attack with small amounts of units. They send miniature armies and rape patrols.
  5. Very nice! Keep it up I get error messages when my units start to fight and i also get an error message that says my graphics card isn't right or something lol But it works fine!
  6. So if a game mode that is made to last for a long period of time, I think adding more substance for that mode would be nice. I always wonder, while playing RTS games, what am i defending? There aren't civilians or anything and I find this making a game hollow. I like how in Civilization you need to keep your cities happy and this would add interesting gameplay and it would instigate more diverse buildings such as coliseums or carnivals or circus's. Also, the more houses you build the more stuff you'll need to keep your city happy thus making you expand. Also, a new set of techs could be created for happiness and that would give the game in-depth feel. Also, a capital building available at the last phase that gives a happiness bonus and civilization bonus would be nice. This could be an upgraded Civ center, it would make sense. Now a question, will the construction of roads be implemented?
  7. Looks GREAT! excited for Alpha 10 now!
  8. What would be real neat is during rounds, events would happen like "a pirate ship has crashed on the sea" or "a forest has burned down, collect remaining wood" and it shows where this has happened for all players so they can race to the good and fight for it
  9. http://www.getgamesgo.com/product/nuclear-dawn A great blend of RTS/FPS multiplayer for $7 instead of $25! Join in on the post-apocalyptic fun and check out Cha0s servers
  10. Atlas is a improvement but I'd much rather have sound... the game seems boring without some nice audio you have created I do play with some of my own music but its not the same!
  11. Will this build allow for atlas and sound available on the mac version?
  12. Imperium can't WAIT for Romans, hence my IGN
  13. I really would like to see tech tree implemented I will play Rome the most (hence my username) because Rome has always seemed like the coolest civ ever. Honestly, who DOESN'T want an empire lol.
  14. Looks good...Will siege projectiles have a visual impact animation? Like when Rocks hit a building, it'll map a Boom?
  15. BFME2 has a system that freezes the units but allows you to set orders for troops that will ALL be carried out when game is unfrozen.
  16. Will there be animations for the siege units next release? Would be very nice
  17. How about an AI that is a civilian town and it's you're job to get to it and protect or destroy it depending on what you want to do. Attacking or defending could be a option.
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