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[Total Conversion] Oniversalis - Age of Exploration.

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Oniversalis : Age of Exploration is a total conversion project for the game 0 A.D Empires Ascendant.This modification will bring the era of colonisation to the world, beginning with the late middle ages and ending with the 18th century.The player will be able to research different types of technology (such as gunpowder weaponry), recruit different and special units and build different buildings with different roles as different nation across the world, such as: Spain, England, France, Austria, Prussia, Portugal, Moghul Empire, Mayans, Aztecs, Muscovy and many other.


  • A complete new era with a lot of changes from 0 A.D
  • A total of 22 civilizations (not sure what the limit is, some no that important may be deleted) : Spain,Portugal,France,England,Austria,Brandenburg,Denmark,Sweden,Novgorod,Byzantium,Wallachia,Ottoman Empire,Serbia,Poland-Lithuania,Mamluks,Mughal Empire,Golden Horde,Yuan Dynasty,Aztec Empire,Maya,Inca,Pueblo,Iroqouis Confederacy,Japanese Empire
  • Changing the gameplay from a fast-ending game in a long game that may take times to complete.
  • New resources such as Spices and Gunpowder.
  • A huge amount of buildings (you will need special units as you evolve to build new important buildings).
  • A huge amount of technologies, as it was the era of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.
  • Lots of different military and civilian units.
  • etc.


-Vasikle - Developer and project leader (works on models, maps, textures,UI and almost evrything) {[ King of Romania ]}

-Dan The Strategist - Mapper {[ Mayor of England ]}

-Lion.Kazen - 2D Art and UI {[ Conquistador ]}

-Stanislas69 - 3d Models and textures {[ Le Roi ]}

+around 10-20 non-quality mappers and modellers. {[ Insolent Aztec Peasants ]}

Thank you for viewing this mod ! Please remember to watch and support us. :D

Edited by Vasikle
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