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  1. Welcome! I hope you have fun browsing our community. Feel free to ask geeky programming-related questions on the Computer Desk.
  2. Thanks a bunch Dnas, you have a sharp memory I went around and pinned all the topics you mentioned and a few others. I wasn't able to find "Links in Timbo's siggy" in the Community Assistance forum, so for the time being, it's unpinned. Also, I didn't pin "The Great Free Software List" in the Computer Desk; I want to get it fixed up before repinning it. Thanks again... I'd give you a rep up if I could.
  3. Quick update: I stumbled upon this while browsing Invisionize. May fit the bill
  4. That has been discussed already, in fact. It will appear soon enough after the IPB2.0 upgrade.
  5. Actually, I think our collective brains could think of something each week Here's a "geek" emoticon I made, perhaps it could be a new emoticon option?
  6. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. Have fun browsing the forums
  7. Good idea. I've thought about incorporating RSS into some new stuff that will be released soon, but didn't think about setting up a "feed" for the whole board. If this was implemented, it'd probably be after the "mighty IPB2.0 upgrade" () is complete.
  8. Make sure you get a lot of practice! Good luck!
  9. Happy New Year, Aviv! I happened to have the Hebrew character set installed so the characters rendered correctly. Funny that you posted this; some friends of ours invited us to a Jewish congregation last Friday (I believe it was Elul 24) for their Shabbat service and they were talking about Rosh Hashanah. Shana Tova!
  10. Welcome! Check out the Community Assistance forum if you have any more questions about Currency, Reputation, or our other forum features.
  11. Wow, that's an interesting venture! Did you purchase the computers, or already have them? Make sure you state the rules clearly so you aren't liable for people messing up the computers. Better have the security settings beefed up too Keep us posted!
  12. Funny stuff I think some of them may be offensive to some people though (#3 and #7). Maybe a little warning could be placed next to those?
  13. Maybe a "sloq" connection is a new type of dialup.
  14. I know that a lot of sites use the Cafepress.com service, which does what you describe: allow you to customize shirts/mugs/mousepads/bumper stickers/anything imaginable with the logo of your company and have Cafepress sell it through their site. It's been discussed for WFG, and just may have to be set up sometime
  15. Welcome! I hope you enjoy browsing the forums.
  16. Hi John, welcome to the community!
  17. @TheCobra1: It's "Jabba the Hutt", not "Java".
  18. I like FedEx, they seem to be very quick as far as my experience goes. UPS is good, too
  19. Or you could upload it to a web server and link to it
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