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  1. The Imperivm games come to mind (or at least 1, 2 and 3 do, I haven't played the later ones). The basic idea is that you don't have a pop cap, instead you have a population resource. There is also a target population number. The population resource will increase if it is below the target, or decrease if it is above. To create units you need to consume this population resource. So you can spam for a while, but eventually you will run out of this resource, and so you need to wait for it to regenerate.
  2. Maybe extra loot for killing units in enemy territory?
  3. Guess I was overly cryptic. Borg's overhaul reduces wicker baskets' research time from 40s to 30s, reduces the wood cost by 20 and decreases the speed bonus from 50% to 30%. Those changes suggest you also felt it was not worth getting early. So I was surprised you changed your mind.
  4. Borg's overhaul 1.0.5 reverting the basket changes confirmed?
  5. I think this should be done by slowing down their tootoohigh attack speed (even if the dps is kept relatively constant by increasing the damage per hit). There are a variety of problems aggravated by it: Balance problems: Reduced damage downtime: Melee units get interrupted all the time, they waste time bumping into each other and into enemies, and start approaching targets only to die before getting a hit in. For melee units changing targets is costly and results in huge dps losses. Thanks to their absurd rate of fire ranged can change targets instantly, making focus fire and hit and run tactics much more effective than anything melee units can pull off. Negligible 'overkilling', ranged units attack quickly but deal 'low' damage per hit so very little damage is wasted in the attack that kills the target. Aesthetic problems: It makes animations look ridiculous and out of place, it is specially jarring because ranged units are almost the only ones that do this. The only non-ranged units that I feel have animations playing at the wrong speed are spear cavalry (looks a bit slowed down) and rams (looks a bit speed up) It causes the 'projectile hitting armor' sound to play too frequently. You know exactly what sound I'm talking about, you're probably hearing it in your mind now. Performance problems: A whole lot of attacks means a whole lot of arrows and stones on the field, the renderer doesn't like this.
  6. Do you guys know about about bgfx? Supposedly it is exactly that kind of renderer abstraction. https://bkaradzic.github.io/bgfx/overview.html The overview is pretty enticing. It also has been around for while, it is pretty popular and is still under active development. (I don't have any experience with it though)
  7. I did indeed try RenderDoc first, The OpenGL context wasn't created in the way it expected, so I poked around trying to find something similar to a GLFW start function I could modify. I thought I could just pretend the game was OGL3 compatibility profile and trick RenderDoc, but I failed. Also just to be clear: We I write '$number calls' I don't mean only drawcalls, I'm including all OpenGL functions in there.
  8. I used a tool called ApiTrace (https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace). If you're using Linux, your distro might have a package for it. What takes about ~3500 calls is the GUI when the game hasn't started (the lobby, main menu, settings screen, etc), so I misremembered. Acropolis Bay (2) map needs about ~14500 calls (before any user input of any kind, so default camera, units and GUI elements) After selecting a Citizen Soldier (because they have the most complex GUI) calls go up to ~21500 If I disable the GUI, Only about 11500 calls are needed. Frames with a citizen soldier selected in red. Frames with a disabled GUI (Alt + G) in green. The .trace file weights 240MB, I can upload it somewhere if you want to have a look at this specific file. There is also this: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/attachment/ticket/5422/out.svg It is a interactive flamegraph, but trac's preview isn't interactive at all. Click 'Download in other formats: Original Format' and then open the local file with an internet browser. After that is done, click elements to zoom in, hover to obtain aditional info.
  9. Looked again: Found the animations' master commit: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/18970 - all those animations are in there. A month later Enrique commited this: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/19061 - I believe most of those those animations come from this file: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/meshes and animations/skeletal/animations_and_meshes_mainfile.blend Animations_and_meshes_mainfile.blend doesn't include LordGood's animations. So, I think people just kinda forgot to actually include them in the game.
  10. 5422 is actually unrelated to the GetEntityData thing. It is caused by the GUI renderer issuing lots of OpenGL calls for every GUI element (I think it goes from 3500 calls at the start of the game with nothing selected to 12000 with a single citizen soldier selected, just because of the buttons) I can't check the exact numbers right now. The JS code that keeps the buttons updated and runs once per turn was also a tad too slow, and was causing frame pacing problems.
  11. I checked Enrique's and your commits from late 2016 to mid 2017. Enrique committed an huge amount of files on Jan 1, 2017, but I didn't see anything that could be those attack or death animations in the file list. I also saw the slinger animation change commit, but that one didn't change or delete any other files iirc. Can't check properly because I'm on my phone right now. I think they never made it into svn. Jan 1 commit was huge and maybe he didn't notice. About the quickened animations, when I started playing, those animations/speeds stuck out like a sore thumb to me, like they were meant for a different game, so I'm going to agree with you there.
  12. I tried to play with borg's mod yesterday and I had to give up after an hour of trying.
  13. You mean the one in there? I have never seen it in the game. Grepped a bit and found this, may be unrelated, because I'm just guessing sword_shieldarm_attack contains the shield bash animation: grep -r sword_shieldarm_attack . --color ./art/variants/biped/attack_melee_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_a.dae" name="attack_melee" speed="120"/> ./art/variants/biped/attack_melee_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_b.dae" name="attack_melee" speed="100"/> ./art/variants/biped/attack_melee_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_c.dae" name="attack_melee" speed="80"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_a.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack1" speed="120"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_b.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack2" speed="100"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_c.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack3" speed="80"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_a.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack1" speed="120"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_b.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack2" speed="100"/> ./art/variants/biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml: <animation event="0.5" file="biped/new/sword_shieldarm_attack_c.dae" name="attack_melee" id="attack3" speed="80"/> grep -r base_swordsman_shieldarm . --color ./art/actors/units/hellenes/infantry_swordsman_c_thespian.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml"> ./art/actors/units/athenians/hero_infantry_swordsman_themistocles.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml"> ./art/actors/units/athenians/infantry_swordsman_c.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml"> ./art/actors/units/macedonians/hero_infantry_swordsman_demetrius.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml"> ./art/actors/units/macedonians/hero_infantry_swordsman_craterus.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm.xml"> ./art/actors/units/spartans/hero_infantry_swordsman_brasidas.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml"> ./art/actors/units/spartans/infantry_swordsman_c.xml: <variant file="biped/base_swordsman_shieldarm_fast.xml"/> Grepping for attack_melee_swordsman_shieldarm found nothing. Also tested Brasidas and Craterus, neither of them did the bash. About the death animation shown, at least roman swordsmen don't use them, they always die in the exact same way, and the animation doesn't match any of what is shown in the thread. Also @borg-, there end of that thread may be worth looking at.
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