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  1. 1:23 nygha did you just say what i was trying to say but better?! i think its bit of an overkill but its good.waay better than the usual mainland in terms of balance.
  2. oh yeah went off track forgot to mention the idea i have for the starting food avalibility balance is to have an area like a donut for hunt around the cc where a certain amout of foods worth of hunt will spawn(ofc there will be imbalances and randomness based on number of batches where scarttered hunt is harder to use and also that some side will have on average further hunt) and also berries spawn area within the reach of ur teritory.and both of thoes things must add up to be equal so lets say randomly oen side gets 800 hunt and 1200 berries and other side gets 300 hunt and 1700 berries
  3. what if metal/stone spawns could not be within a certain distance from the cc of a player.lets say like a bit more than p3 so really far where youd have to either reach for it if your lucky enough to get one nearby. otherwise this would motivate players to build ccs or colonies to fight over these resources that would be quite scarce otherwise.i dont think civilization balance would get messed up because of this altho not sure it might.but the game balance would be rly improved as ppl wouldnt get unfair advantages.also could be as an option would be rly cool also with berries but i have a better idea for berries/hunt.most games are generally unfair in a sense that one side gets an extremely significant advantage which is defenetly fun as makes every game more unique and unexpected but 0ad has enough suprises and complexities as is and for rated games especially the fact that if 2 players of exactly equal skill play bacically the one with significantly better map (which prob happens like 70% of the time ) wins is rly annoying.there are strats to adapt to this randomness mainly scouting early and rushing if you see that enemy has a significantly superior map than you or outposting their berries/hunt(with vision tech to maybe get to it in time when enemy tries to capture)as you rdy your rush but i havent seen anyone using this but me a few times.
  4. Stan so bacically a TLDR (tell me if i got anything wrong here): ppl dont get paid so everyone does what they want when contributing for free and not whats the priority and there are literally no,not even half competent people proficient in the developement team in an area that involves information transfer online. r ppl in that area of expertise that rare not asking in game but in general like in the world. i guess it wont get fixed and probably i wont be fixing it either id have to learn an entire field or some shlt altho idk id say theres a 1% chance of me doing it. there are themes to this issue tho like you cannot join specific users hosts period.there are 3 situations : 1.you cant join this person no matter what no matter how many times u try or whatever you do. 2.you can join but probability per attempt is like 40-99% probability depending on the player for example in M.T and my case i need like 10 tries on average to join him. 3.you can join pretty much guaranteed 100% in 1 click for example Unknown_player and my case i can join him in 1 try always
  5. i dont understand anything youve said i dont know anything about information transfer online i guess ill have to check wiki i dont think i will but i want to as this problem not bieng fixed let alone getting worse cant be an option.how do literally all other online games do it? when they dont have such obviously stupid issues
  6. so many ppl have trouble joining certain hosts with or without stun you would think before literally any game developement this woud be fixed.most of the time there is a way by making a certain person host or asking someone who isnt even playing to host but its always uncomfortable and annoying.im not a coder but i dont get whats so difficult to fix that for years now there is this issue and many players cannot play together because of this problem with inability to join certain hosts.is there any fix?
  7. even if its doable itll be complicated,unnecessary ect but more importantly i think just giving ppl any merit on the basis of "being a good team player" is a bad idea like ppl who cant play well but seems as if their major flaws are less exploited in teamgames already feel a false sense of accomplishment or level of skill based on what seems as if they are succeeding in teamgames probably a balancing issue too like they are better(atleast in teamgames) than they are known to be so their team is always in an advantage from the getgo so they atribute the victories to their skill instead of whats really giving them the edge when they play .being a teamplayer isnt that hard there isnt alot of things you have to do and beyonde all that 99% of whats important is being a good player on your own thats whatll help the team the most.atacking/defending together,sending res to a player who is behind or who needs something..well thats about it i guess. 2 major things i can think of.so unnesesary like participation trophies all that trouble when there is no merit to be earned by playing teamgames teamgames prove nothing whatsoever about anybodys skill (i mean from results of the game ofcourse if u watch the whole game u can tell whos good and who isnt )
  8. doing teamgame ranks is a horrible idea too complicated if it were introduced itll be mandatory to separate teh multiplayer rating from the 1v1 one.also 1v1 rating can pretty much define TG capacity generally ones who do better in teamgames than in 1v1 lack a major atribute(ill add stuff on this in the attributes that affect your competence as a player thread that ill make) vital for a 1v1 that matters less in a teamgame.
  9. im gonna start a thread on attributes that affect your competence as a player soon and talk in detail on which ones are most important currently which ones might become significantly more relevant in the future when many top players will reach a certain point in currently significant skills after which more complex things might come into play ect.gotta walk my dog now and then ill write it.also wanna do a thread on countering the camel rush as it is the rush even the currently best players find extremely difficult to counter
  10. first of all i wanna say that i have no idea what multiplying all players points by 1.3 or whatever is to accomplish each player has over a thousand points what more accuracy do you need than accuracy in 1/1000.will it matter if its 1/2000? seems pointless to me. second of all me winning vs stockfish (got 25 points not 40) cannot be used as an example for anything considering that im an extremely unstable player so you really cant say that im a 1500 cant even put me in a range tbh but nevertheless it wasnt my victory if i could take 2 min to search up on how to upload replays id upload the replay of that match which if anyone above 1300 were to watch could realize that it wasnt my victory at all it was stockfishes loss (stockfish had 2 extra berries which would be a game ender in a 1v1 lets say within the range of 300-500 rating points very roughly speaking) he overmakes like 15-20 men for no reason early on like min 5 slowing his eco drastically (btw for anyone who doesnt know how this game works bacically you cant half @#$% 2 things that is basically suicide you have to full @#$% 1 thing so a very inacurate example that gets the point across: dont make 30 men to atack wiht 15 while the rest eco youll lose the 15 men atacking to a superior army and youll lose in eco and lose the game) so without any extra berries i was able to have population that was equal to his early on i think i did my eco ok not poorly but not well and then stockfish just randomly ignores the second extra berries which he had absolutely no reason to ignore they were right next to his wood line so perfectly secure and makes farms at this point (my stamina is utter dogshit) i get exausted and i have low wood so instead of reaching for wood batches by building stuff on the edge i panick and make the wrong decision to go for a late p1 rush (generally best to rush at certain points when the enemy is weakened for exanple when he is going p2 when he just spent 1000 resources on it while you spent all thoes res on men + more as if your rushign you undermake women) the decision was wrong as in chat someone had previously revelaled that stockfish had the map advantage so as far as im concerned hes stronger than me and the longer the game goes on better my chances are vs an opponent who has an economic advantage early on my p1 late rush was decent in setup but since i hadnt scouted with cav or men ect and had no information on stockfishes state i was going on blind against an enemy that if he had played correctly i likely wouldve lost against. TLDR that match was a fluke stockfish messed up as he says on accident but hard to believe as for saying nobody palyes rated anymore and that rating points are irrlevant that is completely incorrect plenty of palyer play rated its a nessesity early on before you reach 1300 as before that plenty of dishonest players will rage quit dont give u points and also anyone below 1300 generally cannot be trusted you wont get into any decent teamgames unless you are 1300 or above as below that nobody can take you seriously skill wise and 1300 is the bare minimum dont think that im saying anyone who is above 1300 is a good player. apart from that saying points are irrelvant is like saying money is irrelevant because its just paper.its what the money represents taht gives it absolute value and same with points.points represent skill of a player and even abouve 1300-1500 there is a significant correlation between someones rating and their skill like 9 out of 10 players above 1300 are withing the range of their rating in their skill (skill)-100 - +100) i think its a great idea to set up like medals or somethign that appear next to the players name if they surpass a certain point currently i can think of 3 benchmarks that most palyers can agree are significant the 1300+ where you now exist you now have a name.1600+ where you are a compentent palyer reliable and significantly above the average 1300+ in skill. the 2000+ where you are elite top 5 again there are few exceptions where players have improper ratings either much higher or lower than their skill but its exception not the rule
  11. i guess i asked the question wrong. so first of all do i care about elevations in this case? NO ty for info nesico now i dont have to waste 5 min finding some guy and checking it for myself for anyone reading this im pretty sure on this that the range starts from the center point of the structure so mainly for larger structures but bacically any structure at all i believe the point that you can hit is further away than the point from which the range starts so lets say a cc of 72 meters that is a large building a unit with 72 meter range wuill be able to shoot at it without getting damaged not useful for archers really but for cata it is as you have more space in between cata and the range of the defense structure to put your units in for protecting the cata
  12. ill do that in few min
  13. so is the actual range over a flat surface like mainland 70 or 79?
  14. whats up with that? just checked by placing a tower on a goat in cheat ON and then shooting the goat with a champ archer.the tower range said 70(+9) and archer range said 76 but archer was standing significantly further away enough from the tower that if it was an enemy archer it would easily be able to deal damage without going into the tower range.so is this like the food thing where the range is incorectly displayef btu the tower still shoots arrows at enemies in range of 79 meters or if not then what does the +9 mean? trying to make a strat to counter camel rush
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