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  1. Thanks Boudica Couldn't agree more on TDB nice team play in the first match and Philip tried his best too. Now could someone explains what did Cesar with the generous gifts he got early in the match pls? From what Valih shows I see less cavs, and same pop/phases timing as his team mates but maybe I over looked?
  2. > after the 15th minute, we can reasonably assume players are skirmis... See that ?-) About profiling the "game perfs" (not me hijacking your replay post here ;), is there a thread that'd take newcomers a bit by the hand (trying to explain what you're measuring a bit step by step), or is that this one?
  3. Actually you made a good job on that. As well as on exploring and choosing the more efficient location for you def building. Now what I meant is: ie. 2 gaul houses built at minute 5 is a tad bit on the low side Though not sure but it might take way longer to reach 1 GB RAM this way. Measure the game engine perf finegrained, eg somehow similar to a browser [JS and so on] benchmark, with EngineProfile specialized for CPU cycles more or less?
  4. Focusing on you guys' gameplay rather than a24 changes here. First and foremost, reading The road to expert esp. point 2 once before you go to sleep until it became part part of your ADN, you would have your town be super stronger at any time starting at minute 1 haha Yeah this guide is 3 yrs old already but still has a lot (hidden in the comments too). Other than that Stan`may I ask how many time you spent on eg - 20 tips to improve your skills by Borg- - Tom 0AD tips 2019 eg '0AD Tips MG05 - Fast food' PS Tell Angen he could stop checking the code while playing, his guys and lads need him man PPS: may I ask what sort of perf does the graph @elexis added to your replay's files shows, load? cpu/thread?
  5. And here is my first measure with a24. Total memory used by 0 A.D. after <TIME> playing on the same system and settings as above for a23.1 - Time: ~2h: 2 GB (all RAM) not 100% sure about the exact game duration as overlay time does not work yet. @Mister the devs I'll give you my impression: after a similar game on a23 about half my storage would be filled with swap and launching eg Firefox-Nightly would freeze the whole system for a good few seconds (note that's on Arch with kernel-ck and muqss ON). With a24 I launched Nightly and pof, the oil factory browser was opened and ready the next second, game still running. Men, the difference is already super impressive At the very least @sphyrth won't have to shred his wallet to buy a gazillion RAM on his next config for sure
  6. Quite a few experienced guys around here seem be surprised any time some reports the game taxing a bit over 1 GB of memory. Some (other I guess are working on the subject. Stan said he doesn't know of a thread reporting 0 A.D. memory loads from various players / system specs and I haven't found one either. I thought why not start one, if ever to help devs get a larger picture while the game is still in Alpha ^o^ ? ## à A.D. Memory usage upon my last few games [1] : Total memory used by 0 A.D. after <TIME> playing on the following system and settings - Time: 1h08: 4.4 GB ( 4.3 gb RAM + 70 mb swap) - 2 games with same results - Time : 1h16: 4 GB (all in RAM) - Time: 1h31: 9 GB (6 gb RAM + 3 gb swap) - Time: 3h12'. 13.5 GB (7 gb RAM + 6.5 gb swap) That is with - Game: a23.1 vanilla (well I added AutoCiv yesterday) - Map: mainland (small, 300 pop) - Players: 2 (me + AI very hard balanced) - Host: Intel Core i3 @3.2Ghz with 8 GB RAM and a Nvidia GT 1030 2GB. - OS: Arch linux x86_64 [1] Notes Atm I took all measures below upon finishing a game while it displays the game stats. I'll *try* to measure at even time such as 30min or 1hour. @Angen and @Stan` I should be able to do the same on dev version as compilation just finished while writing this, finally (/me reading the '10 GB free space' did the trick ). Using top and ps which should be available from scratch on any various kind of OS with a in it. More specifically (to get a one shot print) $ top -b -n1 $ ps aux| grep pyrogenesis ## References - Optimization is Not Important Right Now? - @sphyrth 2019-10-30 - High memory consumption [2.5 GB] on Windows - @jmauro 2019-06 > I don't think so much memory is really needed by the game. @Boudica > Besides possible leaks the consumed size of memory depends on many things: map size, game max population, game duration, amount of units, graphics quality. > For ex. some games with 1.5hour duration, 2 players and 300 population limit on a small map may cost not more than 900MB. @vladislavbelov - [memory] Avoiding system freeze thx to dynamic swap space for Linux players - tuk0z 2019-12
  7. The prince of rush and the king of micro find themselves alone on a smal mainland map. gg wp with a pro Borg- biaised commentary by Amphibian that still is super welcome as it shows most of the actions I think
  8. @Angen have done memory measurements on a few a23.1 games (while failing at compiling dev atm - thread's not for that one tho). Do you know if there's an existing thread showing memory measurements? Pyrogenesis consistently reaches 5 GB memory around 60 minutes running in this location. EDIT: Note that the on-demand swap tip I shared in this post should address most "compiling 0 A.D. freezes system for memory issues" that I've seen here and there while reading compilation-related threads on the forum.
  9. Arch's 0ad-git PKGBUILD for reference: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=0ad-git
  10. With OAD a23.1 & Autociv 0.5 installed from mod.io on Linux, hotkeys F4 or Alt+O do nothing (map browser works with mouse clic). Means I should remove and install manually?
  11. Guys please note I intended this post to report how we can improve the memory constraints with the game as it is (a23). Also not everyone plays hours long games I think. @Angen Sure man, I'll clone && build it after a) today 'First 5min training' and b) shifting my build $PATH from tmpfs to a bigger partition. Arch has a PKG ready for the game dev version.
  12. Thanks; to be frank I was worrying the issue to be my $%# level at English or you having a gazillion RAM not getting the frustration to loose an epic match the moment OS memory fills up. Btw am using the official package and have not meet such issue with other software yet. « Shouldn't » yeah, but I've seen other posts mentioning memory (leaks) up to over 2GB (or the Windows© builds going wrong at 2 GB RAM). I've went over that oftenly, though, you're right, maybe in more than 45' but I play super slowly when learning. Therefore sharing a system conf (dynamic swap files automatically created if needed then removed) that fixes the "memory takes" (here at least) without "downloading" more RAM he he EDIT: Here's the kind of load I'm dealing with (upon a 2-3 hours game tonight). Only happens here, really? $ sudo ps_mem Private + Shared = RAM used Program ... 16.3 MiB + 16.8 MiB = 33.1 MiB WebKitNetworkProcess 22.4 MiB + 23.4 MiB = 45.8 MiB WebKitWebProcess 17.8 MiB + 33.8 MiB = 51.5 MiB Xorg 25.6 MiB + 39.5 MiB = 65.0 MiB vimb 7.1 GiB + 7.1 GiB = 14.2 GiB pyrogenesis --------------------------------- 14.5 GiB ================================= $ top -b -n1 top - 06:26:15 up 1 day, 11:09, 2 users, load average: 1,22, 6,95, 6,48 Tasks: 195 total, 1 running, 194 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie %Cpu(s): 8,5/2,1 11[ ] GiB Mem : 89,0/7,7 [ ] GiB Swap: 75,2/3,5 [ ] PID USER PR NI VIRT RES %CPU %MEM TIME+ S COMMAND 498003 kozaki 7 0 9228,7m 4,8g 6,2 61,6 307:11.59 S pyrogenesis ps_mem shows some of the used memory twice in the case of pyrogenesis ('Private + Shared' memory); I've left only the top 5 running applications using the most memory. top says that 89% of the available 7.7 GB RAM is used as well as 75% of the 3.5 GB (dynamically created) swap. Also says pyrogenesis uses 9228 MB of memory.
  13. gg wp and thanks Roland :) @sphyrth you mean « [Roland's] Advanced Micro + Strategy > [Borg] Super Clicks Per Second Micro »? If so I agree :) Though behind in numbers Roland was *ready* at 16' with at least 2 blacksmith upgrades over Borg for about a couple of minutes and 2 battles I think. Gave Roand an excellent KD of 120 vs 70 at ~18' Then Borg took that back to about 210 to 240, but he lost sooo many key buildings in the process. Archers civs' hard to handle man! Alistair also commented, /me liked to watch both as they show different views on this super intense match between two top players :)
  14. Then default.cfg (github) may/should reflect the correct path/to/config_files. Atm it still tells us to use %HOME/config/0ad/config/local.cfg
  15. Hi guys / salut les gens So my 8 GB Core i3 went stuck on some longer 0 A.D. games with the pyrogenesis game engine taking all of the available 9 GB RAM + swap memory. One of the rare moments where my Arch Linux OS got stuck, as carefully optimized as I try to make it (100% CPU and 99% of total RAM is available for *apps*, hello Windows ). The setting I've applied has solved the issue so far so why not sharing with you Linux boys & girls? Even though there might be other, atm I saw three solutions: To become good enough so no game takes me over 45 min in a row, but considering my level... oh well, better look somewhere else :} One reflex would be to increase my swap size, taxing GBs of space from my disks all the time so no thanks. Dynamically create swap space *if and when needed* I remembered having read something about a tool that just does that (when I worked on making older/smaller machines as efficient as possible for the desktop user/usage using FOSS). It's *systemd-swap*. Bye bye system freeze since I activated it. Worst case system becomes a fair bit slower (in which case it was already too late with my previous settings using just RAM + zswap + swap), for a couple seconds then regains some responsiveness. In which case I save the game, exit and reopen/play it. Haven't tested in lobby yet. I also tried to keep playing, and man it is playable. In worst case, Pyrogenesis used 8 GB RAM + 7-8 GB swap If systemd-swap is installable for your system, activating and making use of it is a matter of opening its conf file, activate the 'swapc' (dynamic swap file(s)), close and start the service. Official details here: - Automated swap file(s) using systemd-swap (Arch wiki) - En FRANÇAIS Optimiser la gestion de la RAM et du Swap sous Linux (dolys.fr 2018-01)
  16. According to the light war ship I put in there from another dock, it's all clear captains! Joining a save file I made early in the game (7zip). Thanks a lot for the astounding support Angen and LordGood Again if this can contributes to eg. a note pointing out the pathfinder weaknesses then I'll super happy. EDIT: Dock in question blocks triremes as light war ships such as the one below. Oh and it's the Corinthian isthmus just in case. 0ad-a23-cannot-build-warship--cant-find-free-space-to-spawn-trained-units.save.7z
  17. Thanks Angen yeah I know for the paths, for a couple years I guess So you guys see the screens, and see no path to spawn a ship here?
  18. Hello, presently stuck in a game where it will block any war ship to spawn (ie one sec before it should be launched). Haven't find any related issue therefore reporting. I saved this game 'profile.txt' and any other log files to share any of them here on at a better location if requested, no problem. The reason seems to be the game thinks there's no free space, even though there is plenty of space (there's just 2 ships in the whole lake) eg fishing and merchant ships so spawn without problem. Also have 20+ free room for more pop. Please see attached screens. - Can't spawn any *war* ship. Cancelled the ship that was blocked and ordered it again --» same error. - Saved and fully exited the game then reloaded --» same error. - Can train fishing and merchant ship without issue. Posting here to help improve the great game, so please feel free to advise me on how to do it clearly enough!
  19. @Sundiata, @LordGood, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, @stanislas69, @elexis, @wackyserious and all contributors to this achievement: Men and lads I'm proud of what you've done, seriously. I updated the Wikipedia (FR) and Mediawiki pages accordingly.
  20. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    App and link above are for Windozs® OSes (7z is a library on gnu/linux, i.e. can be used from most available archivers without the need to add another application) .
  21. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    http://opensourcewindows.org/ PeaZip in the page above handles 7z well I was told.
  22. ValihrAnt's latest 2v2 match on Uknown land. Mauryan & Iberians vs Gauls and Seleucid. I LOVE THIS TEAM BONUS! | 0 A.D. 2V2
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