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  1. @Sundiata, @LordGood, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, @stanislas69, @elexis, @wackyserious and all contributors to this achievement: Men and lads I'm proud of what you've done, seriously. I updated the Wikipedia (FR) and Mediawiki pages accordingly.
  2. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    App and link above are for Windozs® OSes (7z is a library on gnu/linux, i.e. can be used from most available archivers without the need to add another application) .
  3. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    http://opensourcewindows.org/ PeaZip in the page above handles 7z well I was told.
  4. ValihrAnt's latest 2v2 match on Uknown land. Mauryan & Iberians vs Gauls and Seleucid. I LOVE THIS TEAM BONUS! | 0 A.D. 2V2
  5. Hi, do you have a 'local.cfg' file in your config folder by any chance?
  6. Specificaly, some replays I cannot... replay them as `unrar-free` (the only version of the closed sources app' a Linux user have access to) produces empty folders from them. All these are *.RAR. So to illustrate what serveurix just said
  7. Temple very good at training cavs but not at having a front line, while Liberty here is kindof Master Stratego (but to support his women citizen ^^), showing off how to play Ptolemies close to their best IMHO. Hadn't seen some one building Barracks *and* training from both buildings in early Village phase till this replay. Thanks for sharing
  8. Hmmmmm mwaaaahaha these people were incredibly brilliant in 3D (stone) rendering Seriously I have little words to express how natural and subtile some of their pieces look. Human and animals. And they're freaking byo͞oʹtĭ-fəl! Say I had never seen black faces on old statues till I discovered 0 A.D. (forums). And I've studied history for years. Sundiata I gotcha your deep, mixed feeling --some of it.
  9. Yeah (translation from French) this expo summarizes 40 years of archeologic work in present Sudan of which ten led by the guy on the vid (Matthieu Honegger). Guys thanks! they have incredibly "living" (my feeling) pieces in there The mummie is actually a Nubian archer! he was buried on a Buffalo leather with his two bows! Also they say the videos at their expo focuse on showing off how life actually went on in « Nubia » from the earliest settlements to (and incl.) Kerma arround 2k BC.
  10. Whole thread much appreciated be me, a 3D programming total noob more involved into general systems builds & optimization. On the hardware part it seems to me the GLSL you talked about in this thread requires a « GPU » supporting OpenGL >= 2.0? ANd going further does it matter to play 0 A.D., whether the GPU has pixel and vertex shaders (e.g. Radeon Radeon X1950 GT or GeForce 7600 GT) vs more the recent Unified shaders "cores"?
  11. @Lion.Kanzen specificaly « with the current SVN/dev version of 0 A.D. » Current dev being the one available via Git, correct?
  12. Wow! Pretty graphics indeed, right from the start But [attached screens] wowgetoffyourcellphone is your Git repo compatible with 0 A.D. Git? It's `0ad-git 20147` I cloned, compiled and launched tonight. Or maybe a pure 0. A.D.-git issue as of today? Game starts fine when selecting default mod. EDIT :-) It's the opposite of what I just wrote: DE works fine not the default mod ! Clicked on default mod in Mod selection launched DE. Apologies.
  13. Really nice visualization work temple! Sorry if this misses any serious maths, here's just another video illustration of the former cav skirmishers' « accuracy » in a21 - At 2:00 precisely - Valir'hant :o]
  14. Thank you gameboy and wowgetoffyourcellphone for these useful clarifications. Not everyone has got it yet e.g. this comment dated 2017-11-18 on moddb. Someone might want to update the moddb pages ? Anyway I can't download from moddb: Delenda Est main page links to DE download page which then links to DE and so on lol! Is it still possible to give your work a try, maybe from your Git repo?
  15. Alekusu, Anavultus, ChaffCommander for an excellent start with OP players/commenters. Heyyy, the excellent 0 A.D. merchant warrior and commenter is back This time plays Mauryans in a 3x2v2 with a nice cav OP strat' ValihrAnt eventually shared another, FFA x4 that begins nicely. One of merchant's neighbours just can't stand having let his worker die tries to get revenge
  16. tuk0z

    Danubius 3v3

    Wow quite an epic, epic, epic battle I liked the different tactics tried/applied to get rid of Gaia's main HQs and their 80 champs'. And the powerfull landing logistics set up by you and your main ally. I missed the reasonning behind you retreating upon your first landing attempt thou. Also team play is allways nice to watch Really I enjoyed mord (vs Gaia) and pablek2 (vs Gaia, Eco and later fights). These two guys surprised me, e.g. their efficient swift moves that litteraly pin down Gaia « Marines » in seconds! Kuddos guys PS If mord had trained a battalion of Athenian Marines then . . .
  17. Thx for sharing Grugnas. I like this replay [1] for how you build your nuke force (e.g. women/pikes to gather, slingers+Kleopatra+towerS along with your build/tech order Decger's powerful BO, flanking expansions + units & upgrades choice. As well as P_Ness fighting spirit & team play Now I especially like the noobs (leoo, d_stan & rikabzh) resilience, that bought their allies (mostly you and CHAKIB) such a valuable time. rikabzh's wall (and CHAKIB's 1st fortress) placement vs operational process he he EDIT: and that 40 skirmisher cavs while devastating, are _not_ enough to destroy a noob (aka a player who does not def) who receives no help until after 12' in the game. [1] the Anavultus commented it on YT
  18. Soloooy0 jeee! you administered them a very very decent correction here. As far as my sins uh, skills allow you made very few glitches and used a variety of very nasty & effectives tactics to win 1v2. gg I think I'll replay it!
  19. Lots to learn from this one! Still trying to figure out why more than others? Jeez the alliance turn over almost gave me a headache lol Really appreciated what Soloyoo prepared to stand with the relic. Ah! and the sneakiest of all (sneaky ;)) players in this incredible match had much less talent at war than at gathering his « allies » resources during most of the game. Glad about that Fortifs yeah.Or fpre took good care of the last layer, as well as of the last 120 champs of the sneaky Iberian player?-) I'll replay the last part with more attention as I eventually missed when/how you captured the relic that fpre took from him.
  20. Taken that one image is worth a hundred words, found back a screen that I took at the end of a game (Acropolis ×4 map) As you can see "only" 5 towers built while the action was on the other side. They did the job, ie crushing down the Mauryan troups he he
  21. yeap I hope Anavultus will upload Part 2 when he can afford it. That's what the dude does usually (he's at what, 4-5 vids per week, game choice depending of the comments I think ). To me the issue is that a good towers-spider strat (as of skirmisher here) requires quite some time/units to build, garison and support, that hinder my abilities to expand succesfully. Am NOT Borg though Ha while I tested heavy cav/camel potential OP in early game, later on (let's say from 10-11') I've found a massive well mixed & upgraded infantry to be even more powerful, and flexible for the average player like me: it adds this gather/build/repair/trained faster abilities, and also do not require as much brilliant micro as Borg, Camel and alike are able to deal with. A couple examples? Merov and buddies vs Vercingetorix_ team (a21 though). Or the powerful sling, sling+Siege towers+Kleopatra rush vs CHAKIB/theway you recently produced (« Jeez! it's freakin raaaining stones & arrows today »). Oh my ^^ ooking at theway's camelry archers continuously melting as snow in july, how hard I LOLed
  22. Oh! now you said it Grugnas that's right, the diff between 1v1 (where you just won't have enough free time/resources vs a skilled opponent) & team ones. Thought even in team matches, it may be not that fun to stay in da towerspider position ,-) while your buddies go make the loot ! he he BTW 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Replays Game 4 Part 1 The City Fortress another good replay catched by Anavultus
  23. Interested to watch indeed for da reasons grugnas wrote (ie. tactics to counter early cav rushs && to rush vs towers building booming players) Something I tried in that matter with some success is to add a layer of defense by surrounding towers with outposts (as satellites). Hinders my opponents' archers surprinsignly faster vs having just towers in phases I-II. I noticed Kizitom was a bit lazy in his early eco dev IMHO, eg at 2:30 he'd gathered only 1/2 wood and as much food as Skirmish -who didn't wait 5' to start his 1st tech upgrade. Skirmish still had an eco advantage untill well after kizitom's effective raid.
  24. tuk0z

    [a21 replays]

    Done by Anavultus « Jorge » :) That's what thought but better ask as I may have been thinking too much I'll have to find some room as I want the replay (start-to-end « sling, sling » vs champs incl., excellent team play and prioritizing ). Thank you guys --that is elexis and stan69.
  25. Hi and glad you went a bit specific as the *.rar one wouldn't work on my system (unrar-free producing empty *folders* in place of command.txt files). Now I should be able to replay these with Camelius and Borg as wished EDIT: Nice to watch replays! thx Camel.
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